Experiences with King Paimon

Hi everyone,

I decided to evoke King Paimon the other day and had some intense experiences that I wanted to share, to see if anyone has experienced similar things. I won’t go into detail about what the evocation was for or anything like that, just the experiences.
First off, I called him in the north west (as said in the Goetia), but he decided to materialise in the east (behind me), which wasn’t an issue as I’ve had a few spirits do that before, but when I went to turn around to face him I got an overwhelming feeling that I shouldn’t. It’s quite hard to explain but it was the closest thing to fear I’ve felt in a while, which surprised me since I’ve evoked demons before and never felt any issues, the only plausible explanation I can find is that this was my first Goetic evocation, so maybe unconsciously It became a very real experience, but who knows…
Next (this was the kicker), I felt an enormous pressure on my back, like he was pushing down on my upper back with great force (it was so strong that I began physically hunching over), which again heightened tension. I finally decided to try and look, but instead of turning around I picked up an obsidian mirror and held it over my shoulder. This was arguably the most physical appearance I’ve seen in an evocation so far, but I saw a hooded figure standing behind me. I couldn’t see a face, it was just a black robe and he was quite tall. I then lost all tension, laughed, welcomed him and put down the mirror.
He seemed quite agitated at first, telepathically he was almost shouting “why have you summoned me, you aren’t going through with your desire”, so I politely asked if he was willing to hear me out, which he did and then calmed down after I made an offering. We spoke for quite a long time (this whole time the pressure weighing down on my back got more and more intense), once we had agreed on what it was I desired, he gave me a sigil to use for him (but told me to keep it hidden, so I can’t post it). When he disappeared, the smoke from my sensor actually driffted to where he had been standing and culminated in a sort of ball of smoke, I did a banishing incantation and did an ‘energy burst cleansing’ that I learned from my early days, and it disappeared.

This is defiantly the most intense and real evocation I’ve had as yet, and if I’m being honest it did frighten me at the time and got my heart racing. King Paimon is unlike any other entity I’ve worked with, and he is a stark fricken contrast to angels lol.
Anyone else had similar experiences with Paimon? Especially on your first evocation/contact with him?


I`ve been working with Paimon almost daily for the last couple of weeks. You can read the story of my first contact here.

I have not done any evocation work with him yet and all our interactions are through invocation. Nevertheless he always comes in very strong and he floods my head with visualizations.
I can see why he would come down as intimidating, its his assertiveness infused with very old knowledge. In that regard he reminds me of a specific deity from the Pantheon. Ive explored that connection with him but he answers in riddles which i`ve yet to decipher.

I don`t experience pressure on the back as you do, but i get a significant internal compression. It feels like a squeeze of my insides.

I agree on his form. I always “see” a tall dark figure wearing a hooded cloak.
Sometimes he comes with a company of two lesser spirits which i perceive as dogs or something similar. He has them chained. I can hear the chains clacking in my head and when he talks to me i can sense these things sniffing me.

Also agree on the incense smoke, going crazy. I can confirm the internal nature of the interaction because i attract the smoke like a magnet, coming in big puffs that make my eyes water. When he`s not present the smoke behaves completely different, going straight up in a continuous flow.


when i evoked him i didn’t see or hear him, This was my first demonic evocation i’ve done

But the power i felt was unlike anything i felt before and was the greatest experience in terms. He was friendlier to me, Even without seeing him i did feel highly empowered and respected. Did you call him KING paimon? that seems to be the biggest thing in my research is that he gets highly offended if you dont call him by his earned rank
(I even apologized when i was repeating his name in the evocation and said he is worthier than the title of king)

I asked for a mentor and a familiar, respectfully of course.
despite not hearing him i did end up hearing a soft light cartoonish voice in my ear upon falling asleep. and noticed how i was worried by the fact i didn’t have the right materials and ended up finding the exact candles i need for the next time i invoke him out of my old house i was moving out of

also edit: when i tried going to sleep last morning (being kept up by noisy people) I did get a “Burned in eye image” of me looking at a creature laying on my bed. It wasn’t freighting at all and was almost adorable? There might be no correlation because that and the voice. the thing was too cute too be apart of a demonic army.

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I have things show up like that sometimes, like a retinal after-image - that sounds like a friendly signal from the King!


I had a similar thing with him, I don’t know it was a misinterpretation or if it was intended (most likely the latter) but when I asked king Paimon to send a familiar to assist with magickal training he instead powered up my existing servitors. It was quite a funny thing actually, after help from another user on this forum I was able to power them up myself and invoked Michael to help me more, but after Paimon, 2 of the servitors acquired a Redish aura/glow (I have 4 actively performing the same task, two infused with angelic energy and 2 with demonic), the demonic ones were affected by Paimon.

What did these servitors look like, Also how did Michael and King Paimon interact? I’ve always been interested in the relationships of different kids of spirits. Especially Angels and Demons

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What did these servitors look like, Also how did Michael and King Paimon interact? I’ve always been interested in the relationships of different kids of spirits. Especially Angels and Demons[/quote]

The appearances didn’t change, except for the redish glow around the demonic ones. Michael didn’t seem to overly mind about it, at the end of the day, Paimon helped with the function so I don’t think Michael fussed about it since it evidently helped. He and Raphael were funny at first, they commented on the demonic energy and asked why I’d used a demon instead of more Archangels, but I think that was because of conflicting energy natures (I mostly work with angelic entities so a demon was a change up). As soon as explained that I wanted to balance it out they were fine

I just wanted to comment regarding King Paimon. Twice he has been here, both times at 2:35 a.m. Both times, all the small lights seemed to dim and he stood in a black, hooded robe, darker than dark. I have a small computer light and recharger light and although dim to begin with, seemed like a prick of light when he was present. I do have to say, I did feel a bit of fear, as I am not used to large, hooded entities showing up in the middle of the night.
At first, he did not tell me his name. The next day, his name rang in my head over and over…he has still not shared with me what he wants…
Just wanted to share my experience was similar…


I would imagine he’s welcoming you to call him? Unlike hauntings and astral freeloaders, there are many spirits who are too serious-minded, powerful (and have too much self-respect) to pop out at you from nowhere, they wait for you to make their welcome clear. I’ve found him to be an incredibly POLITE spirit, formal and courteous, and expecting the same in return, so I always dress reasonably smartly and make sure to address him formally. Sounds like a clear invitation to me though! :slight_smile:


That’s happened to me many times as well. This is the first time I ever heard of other people experiencing it.



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Full moon in Gemini

11th Full Moon Rite 2018

I am your tool King Paimon you are the air fill this cup of tea of this alter to bond with me and all I desire.

I offer my being to take charge over my daily activities and subconscious mind and all its functions so I may control and order the US military healthcare service as a mental health nurse PhD graduate Hypnotherapist and to control and order politicians to do my bidding all the days of my life.

Prove your empowerment’s are real to me more then Our Lady of Lourdes!

So mote it be


I tried many times to summon King Paimon ,and in ritual of the first gate,after many times nothing happened,and I have summoned others with huge energy bursts,anyway one night I had the most vivid dream ever with a king figure sitting in a throne of gold and what looked like snake like figures all around him ,he spoke to me saying he was from endinochious,to this day I do not understand that but after research it is believed to be King Paimon that came to me,this experience has stuck with me and I am constantly trying to summon as to why and what it means,and above all to seek any knowledge he will teach me.

Whose reflection is on/in the mirror?

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I evoked King Paimon.When he entered it was in the east for me too . It was terrifying seeing him. He started talking to me and I was so tired I ended up sleeping in the middle of him being there in a matter of minutes I was asleep. I immediately went into sleep paralysis. It was horrible I was afraid. Then King Paimon stood over me talking. He asked me to agree to a permanent relationship with him . I agreed and he talked to me very sternly. Then he said relax stop fighting. I did what he said . I was able to get out of the sleep paralysis, he told me if this happened again relax no other spirits can come to me now unless he approved it. Then he left . But Strange stuff started happening to me. And still does to this day u

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I’ve recently begun my journey with King Paimon, will start recounting my experiences in a journal soonish