Experiences with Guland anyone?

Do you have experiences with the Demon Guland? He is published in the Grimorium Verum and by E.A. Koetting in an eBook named ,Become a living God“.

I have a so called person in charge/adviser/caregiver which distributes my money to me by court. This fucking adviser does not want to give me cash again instead she wants to buy food for me. For that the court and she are enemies now.

This is my first time with baneful magick so please help me destroy the adviser and reach freedom back by court.

The reason for my situation was a psychosis.
I think it’s over.


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I called him a few times

The results can be first seen at in a period of 2 or 3 months some seen even shorter a lot shorter
I didn’t realy talked to him
But I would describe his energy as dark green like a swamp that you seen movies
In my mind I saw him as a huge bee

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