Experiences with Energy Buildup - Your advice?

I posted my experiences with this awhile back to a couple of other sites, but noone has had anything to say or contribute, and I was wondering what people on this board might have to say (if anything). Therefore, I will be copying, and pasting from a thread I created elsewhere. I hope that is okay. It is still my experiences, and if someone has any advice I will be open to listening.

Original Thread(with subsequent comments in separate quotations, that I added progressively throughout multiple days about my developing experience):
"I have been meditating on raising a strong enough energy to unlock the natural ability to touch the spirit realm and feel it as you normally feel the physical. I feel a bit more connected to this goal than I felt to the sense of hearing honestly(this has helped the desire portion of my energy towards this goal), and I am noticing a few things that are effecting the levels of energy, as well as how strong it has been so far.

I’ll share with you each level of energy that I am experiencing (I am doing this on a daily basis) and how I was able to move from one level to the next- and what has caused me to move from a more powerful level to a less powerful one at certain times.

When I start meditating, I am alert and ready to sit and focus on my meditation for a period of time without the fear of needing to go to sleep. If you fall asleep then your meditation will come to an end. The only energy I have when starting out is the desire to touch the spirit realm, or be touched in such a way as that it unlocks the sense itself(by the energy/spirits). I sit somewhere comfortable in an upright position. I clasp my hands together in order to form a circuit of energy in my body (this can help to maintain the energy, but it is only an aid). I focus more accurately in complete silence and I would recommend it to you. Additionally, your focus during and throughout this meditation should be very intent, in an urgent sense. Make a point to feel that your focus is urgent and important, and be more willful with it accordingly.

After all of this is done, I take an account of my will to focus, as well as the emotional need that I have available within me to galvanize towards this goal. It it best for you to have a balance between the water-emotional need, and the fire-intense focus. After that is accounted for I then shift my perspective to the 2nd-hand perspective, (I no longer view myself as myself, but as another person- or “you”, as if I were to be an outside entity focusing on a person, namely myself. This helps to focus the energy more than you might think.)

After adjusting to the second-hand perspective I start to focus on the duality between my actual sense of touch and the space around me which contains the energy of the spirit realm; I focus on an invisible layer between these two things, and on bridging that gap by focusing on the sense of touch and the energy of the spirit in such a way as to join them together. The “I”, or first perspective of myself focuses on the need and the desire, and perhaps the reasons as to why I need this to happen- things that strengthen my desire(My first perspective self still exists although I am focusing on it from an exterior perspective- and as such see it as “you”). The part of myself that is focusing on the second-hand perspective of my awareness focuses on causing me, on a more impassioned and yet intensely willful level to cause my first-hand perspective self to touch the spirit realm. The first few minutes of this is mainly buildup so don’t expect much drama with the energy instantly. I normally feel some warmth gather and slight tingles during the initial buildup of the energy. Especially after doing this multiple times the beginning stages can become tedious, but there is no ‘skip’ button so just learn to be patient.

After a few minutes (5-10) I will begin to feel something new. A slightly numbing feeling, and the tingles from before are stronger to an extent and feel as though there are many ‘tingles’ moving, this usually begins in my joined hands. Note that you should continue focusing on joining the physical sense of touch with the spiritual energy from the exterior perspective at this point- try not to get too distracted by the new sensations. As the sensations become more intense they will more easily distract you, and thus cause the energy to weaken- so steel your resolve. You will know at this point if you are focusing on your intent or if you are being distracted as the sensations will noticeably respond by strengthening or weakening.

The moving tingly feelings and the numbness will increase until you feel it running down both of your arms, through the hands, and to an extent in other areas- I usually feel it around my chest as well(that is also where I tend to centralize my focus). Altogether it will feel like a lot of ‘ripples’ that are running in straight lines, if that makes sense. An aspect of it can feel a touch magnetic, but not too strongly at this point.

Always remember that it is very significant not to be distracted by the strengthening sensations. At this point is also where I can feel the value in using the second-hand perspective in a sort of visceral way. If I switch out of it (back to seeing myself as not an exterior being but just myself as normal) the energy noticeably weakens, and the more I can separate my second-hand awareness from myself and my feelings, desires- etc, the stronger the energy will get, more quickly. It is still important for the first-hand perspective of yourself to have those feelings and desires as it feeds into the energy, however the second-hand perspective of yourself needs to be disconnected from them except to cause them to be met from an exterior consciousness.

The energy continues to strengthen- make sure you have the will and the patience to keep going… I often tell myself ‘this is just the beginning’ when I feel myself wanting to stop, as in truth I wish to go further. The tingles and numbness that I felt before will start to escalate, stiffening my joints and vibrating my hands, and arms. I will also occasionally feel a very brief urge to vomit- but it passes so quickly that it might as well not even happen. All of these signs should be taken as positive indications that you are making headway- I am never frightened by anything that I feel from this, rather my anticipation increases.
You will also feel the moving tingles, numbness, etc moving to other areas of your body. Most notably for me is that my mouth will typically begin to clench itself slightly (as if I were to stiffly purse it) as these sensations enter it. I will also occasionally feel a light shock on my tongue at this point.

After this, these sensations escalate so that all of what I said I felt before is occurring to a slightly more extreme degree, with the addition of pain in some areas. The muscles and joints that are being stiffened will start to hurt. And if you continue they will be sore for awhile even after you stop. For me it was mainly my shoulders and shoulder-blades after. However, moving any stiffened joints, like the hands or arms (which are the most stiff during the meditation for me, and where the energy seems to be running through primarily) will also be painful (not horribly, it is quite tolerable) until the energy subsides-which will only happen if you stop focusing on your intent. The vibrating in your fingers and hands, and arms, will be more noticeable to you.

This is how far I have gotten so far. I expect to try to go further when possible. Know that the energy actually is more receptive to you on some days over others, it is possible to have ‘off days’ due to nothing more than this. But once you reach a certain point and have gotten past that point, it is not unreasonable to try to reach that point every day. That is what I am doing(besides trying to get as far as I can of course). Lastly and to clarify, your primary perspective throughout the meditation should be the exterior one- looking at yourself as another person. Using this technique helps to allow the energies and spirits know exactly what you want from it/them.

The most difficult thing here is patience, once you understand the flow. I hope this is helpful or interesting to you guys. Let me know what you think and if you want to ask me something feel free."

"Update (as of three days after when the original post was made):

So the two days after I made this thread I actually found that I was not able to build up the energy as strongly, as easily. It was as if I was losing my “grip”, the way I felt it, on the energy.

Now, this caused me some concern. However, today I meditated and made a point to 1. focus on what sense of the energy that I have. (I CAN sense it to some extent) - Additionally, it appears that breathing deeply is very helpful in building the energy up as well.

I am now experimenting with focusing on the energy and my sense of touch in a similar way while exercising to an exhaustive extent. We’ll see what the conclusion is. For now I can only say that it does have some effect, although not as deeply (seemingly) and it can be more difficult to focus, of course.

I might also add that I find this practice feels very much like trekking up an upward slope. I have impulses telling me to stop, especially when the energy starts building noticeably. This proves difficult to deal with, ultimately I require a stronger will."

"It has actually been a few days since my last update - (I posted it elsewhere first and waited before putting it here)- I am able to regularly get to the point of strong static, vibrations, etc, once again. I think that the issue was simply focusing too much on the concept and not enough on sensing the energy when focusing on it. I should mention that I feel like I’m trying to do mental acrobatics here- LOL.

Difficult or not, I do get results with my experience. I am wondering if it is even close to enough to accomplishing my goal though. For now I’ll be satisfied that my present meditations are yielding greater energy buildup than any regular meditation regime I’ve done in the past.

Exercise plus meditation at the same time does not seem to be very practical and so I’m not considering it for any purpose other than a side focus if I find myself wanting to.

Normally I focus my attention around my chest, in the heart region. Today, after getting to the point where the electric feeling and vibrating was occurring I decided to focus on my spine and brain(my aim is ultimately to open the sense of touch to the spirit realm, and as such I think the actual physical nervous system would be important-the spine and brain being central to it). I experienced some heat and also my back started sweating. The electric feeling spread, slowly, to the back and to the head.

After I stopped meditating I went into another room and tried focusing while standing up a bit. I started to hear the high pitched noise in my left ear that you might hear when there isn’t actually any sound, like when there is a air pressure change or something. I was able to slow the process of the energy leaving my body however it kept on subsiding even though I had begun again. I won’t likely try it again that way although the sound was interesting, and I wondered if it had anything to do with releasing the spiritual block to the sense that I am trying to unlock. It may not.

I am noticing more and more, each time I meditate, the “hurdle” of time and focus between when I start meditating and when the electric sensations etc start up. It can seem as though it takes forever sometimes to get past this initial hurdle. I hope that with more practice this becomes easier."


Today I actually had to meditate 3 times because the first 2 times were failures. I couldn’t maintain a good focus and on the second time I think my mind was ready to just turn off lol.

On the third time, however, I was successful in what I wanted to do for the session, and went a little further than that I think. Lately I’ve very often been doing about 20 or so minutes with this particular meditation before just wanting to stop. But today, I noted the 20 minutes and then did about 20 more minutes.

The effect was this: The vibrating and numbing/etc started forcing my fingers outwards so that they were straight, and the electric feeling spread everywhere- but further than that there was also heat. In the back of my head specifically. Heat started building there and getting slightly warmer and warmer as the meditation progressed. After I stopped the meditation, there was some kind of magnetic sensation around my hands, even after the electric feeling and vibrations stopped-it got stronger every time I focused on my sense of touch. This too subsided in time but it took awhile. I also started feeling heat in places around my chest and my head (and inside my head) after the meditation was over. I’m thinking that I may have actually put a dent in the block I’m trying to work on and I feel optimistic about trying again tomorrow."


So, after the last meditation I put on here, each session was getting progressively more tiring and difficult, and I was not feeling enthusiastic about my sessions anymore. So, in order to regain my zeal, I took about a 5 day long break. After this, I decided to think about revising my intent and how I approach this in order to achieve something that would be more positive and long lasting.

I have ultimately decided that I am going to meditate on getting the energy to prepare me for when the time comes for me to touch the spirit realm. This has a more long-sighted intent, as I want the energy to stay with my and build up to when this happens, rather than trying to build it quickly to ‘make it happen’ in the here and now. This is much more pleasant and doesn’t exhaust my mental faculties. I will do this for some time and then decide what to do next, or if I should eventually switch back to the previous method, if I am ready for it."

So, my intent is to open up to the spirit realm, much more deeply than what you might normally experience as a physical human being. Does anyone have any advice regarding this?

I can’t be certain but it seems like you’re doing internal energy work, which is useful, but that’s a different thing to actually entering the spirit world, though a strong energy body and good command of energy + self-knowledge will be advantageous to you once you’re “there” - for the moment I’m going to speak as though you travel “into” the astral just because that’s a useful metaphor.

The method I discovered as a child on my own was to imagine myself getting into an elevator (close my eyes, see the doors, get in) then I’d press the button that corresponded to where I wanted to go, for example to see Hathor.

I’d visualise a reception desk like you see in a large office on the right “floor” and then ask for directions, and go to the room I was told, which from the outside had symbols on and looked like normal doors, and inside resembled giant council chambers.

Then as an adult I trained in core shamanisn where you use a World Tree as your axis mundi, and you climb up that to access the higher realms, or descend into a gap in the roots to access the Lower World (which isn’t hellish, it has animal and earth spirits residing there).

What my self-created method shared with core shamanism, which is derived by Michael Harner from the shared indigenous practices of shamans around the world, is use of a structured or visualised artefact in the first instance (my elevator, the shaman’s tree) to access the realms.

I think you need that willed creation of an interface before you’ll be able to successfully converse in the astral with beings who are real and distinct, and not daydreams or anything.

When you first begin astral work, the impressions may be vague while you’re “there” - the hallmark of it being a successful and real event is that you memories afterwards will be as vivid as a memory of anything that’s happened in the everyday world.

I hope that helps, not quite sure what you were asking (if anything) but that’s the method I still use, the World Tree.

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I see what you are saying, Lady Eva. Thank you for taking the time to give me some advice. :slight_smile:

I don’t think that I’ve visualized that specific pattern of thought before, so I’ll be sure to try it soon.

Like Eva said, it seems more like internal energy work. And as such, it is a good starting point, before experiencing the external, intelligent energies.

There is alot of nuances and shades in that kind of energy, which seems to directly or indirectly connect to the astral realm.

External, intelligent energies interact through your 5 senses and it’s:
Sight (eyes)
Hearing (ears)
Taste (tongue)
Smell (nose)
Touch (physical)

Some of these senses might be more active than the others, making it a main source to interact with you. In my case it’s the physical part, but I occasionally communicate through visualization and audible interaction.

External, intelligent energies are active (taking initiative towards you), reactive (responsive to your actions) or interactive (communication)
And the same kind of energy can be passive, until you start to interact with it.

I really don’t have any good advice how to open the spirit realm, because what worked for me, might not work for you. But the most important part is your intent, your will and to focus.

I agree, succupedia, and thanks for the response. And sorry for my late reply!

Right now my goal is opening up myself to be able to use those senses, or, to connect them to the external. Since I’m closed off, I guess you could say that my main means of doing much of anything starts with the internal, and trying to connect that to the external.

This would occur by severing the energy ‘layer’ that normally separates my spirit from the outside spirit realm, by passing currents of energy through it with the intent to use those senses to interact with external spiritual beings and energy.

But because it is very strenuously difficult, or has proven to be thus far, I was asking if I could get any advice from anyone about that.

Lady Eva, I tried your technique but I’m afraid making it effective might be to assume that I’m already ‘there’, or, where I need to be. You see, the type of connection I want with the spirit realm should be powerful enough to allow me to constantly perceive it, just as we all perceive the physical on a normal basis. Thus, the severing of the layer. Unfortunately an effect of the presence of the ‘layer’ also means that I am unable to draw on any potent energies outside of myself to any significant degree, and raising energy that is powerful enough from nothing, or through the layer, is rigorous and seems impossible at times. I know it isn’t impossible though.

Try tai chi an qigong excersises, good for building up your energy levels.

Interestingly I have never used any kind of tai chi exercise in my practice, and it may be worth considering. I will try it, but it may be at least a month or so until I can fully focus my attention on it. I’ll keep it in mind for then!

What do you mean by first and second hand? Are you refering to first and third person?

Bit of a time warp here so hopefully you get an answer.

I meant first, second, and third person - yes.

Ive never tried doing energy work on my self in thind person. Ill try this thanks