Experiences with Astaroth

I would love to hear the experiences you folks have had with Astaroth or any other masks related.


I’ve had only two experiences with Astaroth but she was protective and motherly. Not at all what I expected and this is what she looked like.


I have some experience with her, she’s great.



No one heard about the curse of Astarte/Hera?

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Tell us about it

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The only thing I’ll say is that it is invoked (the curse) when the background of infidelities in a relationship appears and because of that appears rage and I think it also has some things to do if you have a shit mentality when it comes about women/girls or something, I’m not sure about the last thing I said.


So I’m considering this an experience but take it how you want. So growing up I had always been Christian but I had been feeling down and worried I wasn’t good enough for anything. My grades in college were slipping, personal matters kept happening, etc. So with very little experience I decided to try and invoke Astaroth. I never really saw him/her (some say astaroth is a boy and others say he/she is a girl) but while invoking her I got a overwhelming senstation and at the time I was scared because it had been my first time doing anything like that. Anyway, I decided it was time to ask for her help. After doing so I dismissed myself and went to bed. Within the span of a couple weeks so many things had happened. My grades had been getting better and ultimately I passed all my classes with A’s ( which was literally a miracle at the time being ) also while I was asking for help I had also asked if she could help bring love into my life. And what do you know. She came through with her promise. Not only did she bring more men into my life but a boy that I had a crush on in middle school (who moved away 9th grade year) is going to college with me. P.S. this is relevant because after I had invoked astaroth I had been going to school for half a semester already and I go to a community college so as you can imagine it’s not very big so I see many frequent faces. Yet after invoking her I started to see him and now run into him every other day. You can say this is all a coincident but before invoking astaroth my life was slowly turning into a miserable hell. Anyway! This is just my experience with her. I recently invoked her again and told her I would be giving her public appraisal so yeah lol. Like I said before take this however you want but astaroth is great to work with!


Welcome @Queenn_B. Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTION area, and tell us about yourself and your magical experience. It is a rule of this forum.

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Astaroth is currently inhabiting my pet snake. She’s pretty cool so I have no issues with this so far. Cool conversations and weird dreams. She stares at me a little too much though lol.

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A year ago I’ve become interested in dark magic, and tbh with you guys I only evoke Lord Clauneck because of money problems and never I evoked other demons, but then a month ago while I am on a meditative state a voice in my mind suddenly popped up it says ’ I can help you ’ and then I immediatley ask who’s talking (and honestly I am still not good with clairaudience because my strongest clair is clarsenentience, which I already have since when I was a kid).He/she said sepiroth(yup I got it wrong) then this image of astaroth flashes. So I believe it’s Astaroth not Sepiroth(which I only realized few days after that sudden meet up).I want to take an advice with you guys what should I do, I am not used to talk/evoke to other demon other than lord Clauneck.

I have sensed Astaroth’s presence since childhood. But only at the age of 20 he began to communicate seriously with him. And this is what I can say about him: it is a very proud and serious spirit. Vindictive if disrespectful to him, which can lead to serious health problems or other problems in life. But he can tell about the future, keeps promises. While researching my past life, I learned that he was an angel. Many speak of him as a woman, but Astaroth claims that he is a man and has never been a woman. Yes, he knows Astarte, but has no family ties with her. I don’t know how to treat this information. But I specifically asked him about this.

Astaroth is a wonderful ally and great demon to befriend . Offer a cup of cherries and a nice liquor. I see Astaroth as somewhat monstrous but feels female. If you see this form don’t be startled. She will tell you secrets of the world and sometimes things you may not want to know. Remember knowledge and wisdom are gifts even though they may set us apart at times.

It’s a good sign she came to you without being called. Don’t be afraid. Set an offering and call to her . :black_heart:


Thank You! I appreciated your reply, I will prepare myself first because it is my first time, but I will call Astaroth for sure after this busy work schedules.

Hail Astaroth !!!

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