Experiences with Archangel Sachiel (for Wealth & Success)

So, I looked up for Archangels to help me and give my business an extra kick, and I found Archangel Sachiel could be helpful. His day is Thursday (today), so I thought, why not? I checked the correspondences, dressed a purple candle for him, wrote his sigil on a paper, got some incense sticks and a few extras, and did my prayer.

I worked with Nitika and Fortuna/Lady Luck before and they were great for my business, but ever since I started to work with Archangel Michael I made a promise and now I will only work with Archangels, Saints, and Psalms.

And yet, this is my first time making a petition to Archangel Sachiel, so I’m here to ask about your experiences, since I didn’t find too many when searching for threads in the forum.


I’m quite curious why you made a promise to do that?


I don’t know about Sachiel but Tsadkiel/Zadkiel is a good archangel for money stuff. Sachiel could just be a variation of the same name though. Archangels of Magick is a good book if you want to get deeper into archangel magick.

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I can’t quite explain it… it felt “right”? It felt like… not that he imposed it as a sort of “condition” but more like… it felt like it was the path I was supposed to take.


Ok I must have done something wrong because in my petition I asked Archangel Sachiel for good fortune, good luck, prosperity, more sales in my business… and so far I got two minor inconveniences today that I’d just call “unlucky” situations.

I’ve done workings for quite some time so I know results tend to take a couple of months to actually show, but this sudden “bad luck” not even 24 hours after the ritual… idk, feels a bit like a backfire or that I must have done something wrong.

I’m not really finding too many experiences with Sachiel online either =/

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