Experiences with Agrat Bat Mahlat

Recently, I started working with Agrat Bat Mahlat. I would almost say she called me and approached me, which hasn’t happened to me before. Basically she came to me in the most lucid, vivid dream I think I ever had.
Since starting with her, She’s helped me a lot with my “Magickal Sense” for lack of other words, and has been a great guide so far.
I also have learned some things about her, as there isn’t much information about here floating around.
Colors: Red, Black, Purple, and Green.
Offerings: Blood, bodily fluids, wine, flowers, fruit, especially Pomegranate, Incense,preferably Frankincense , Myrrh and Golden Copal.
She responds to sigils actively, and her energy is like three space heaters around you.
Her days are Saturday and Wednesday, Waning moon is the best time to call her, but invocating her any day will work. but Wednesday and Saturday will yield best results.
You can call on her for succubi, but, in my experience she likes teaching in the ways of witchcraft.
She’s mostly overshadowed by Lilith, but trust me, she will help you alot.


Also. she’s not tough on sigils, so find one, or create one preferably. She will come, trust me, If you invoke her. It’s like being on a rocket. .There is such a mystery around her, so I feel like I’m forging a path with her.

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The best way to work with her is with Invocation. She is a personable spirit and deity. She is hard, but friendly, It’s like a motherly figure almost.

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Also, don’t work with her and Lilith. You will get conflict. Naamah works with her well, Her other sisters work well together, Lilith is the the odd ball out.

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You should really more center on a proces of unlimiting. The Black magician is free of limits, for a dark adept everything is possible :wink: Lucifer is freedom and the black magicians are his body on Earth

She is totally awesome :heart_eyes:

Can you lend me her sigil?

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The synchronicity of it all, I’ve recently been instructed by Azazel to move on with my work, and the next spirit on my list is Agrat, so I’m looking to gather information on her before diving further into it.

The invocation part may be worth looking into as for the last two months I’ve been doing evocation and mainly focusing on repairing myself.

Do you know any good resources for more information on her - outside of what you provided, of course?

So far I’ve only gone off V.K.’s workings and a rare few posts on here, so really anything that could help me with prep work would be amazing.

Look it up in the Asenath Mason Website
The 4 Angels of prostitution



Thanks! :+1:

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Have fun!

Eisheth Zenunim Taninsam Ama Lilith liftoach Qliphoth!

The first succubi summoning ritual I saw came from her.
I read about her on the “encyclopedia of genies and spirits…” by judicka illes.

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Thank you. She sounds amazing