Experiences when starting magick

Just a few question’s.

When staring out a few days after making a dedicated effort in to practicing magic it seemed that my subconscious appeared to me as a monster, illusion to Cthulhu in a dream (it was lucid) and maybe like my imagination was photo shopping my mundane sight the day before, then tried to confront me. I defeated it. Is this a common experience, also was defeating / injuring it the right course of action as apposed to talking or something else. I’m not sure I took it as a sign that it was relinquishing control to my conscious mind ie rolling with trying to integrate it. Though it may have slowed down my progression.

Also how true is it that if people start to live with magick or astral project without doing a commitment ritual to Satan they end up being harassed or attacked by strange entity’s. I started with a commitment ritual so I didn’t get a chance to find out if this yielded merit or not.

Say if I was writing a book for the absolute beginner should I warn them or so are such things sporadic once offs. Please tell of your experiences down below, give me something to figure this out.

Thanks as usual.


Utter nonsense. Pacts have a place, but that is something different. Some kind of initiatory event happens for all of us in some way, but I have never heard a serious practitioner I respect tell me they have to commit to Satan “or else”.

None of this would really even matter if people learned to banish. Yeah yeah yeah, disrespectful, rude, blah blah insulting, blah blah. Banishing is like condoms or firearms. You are better off having it and never needing it than needing it and not having it. If beginners focused on banishing instead of evocation or pacts when they start then they would have much less to fear later, and as a result of having less fear their magick would become more effective. But banishing is not “cool”, or is perceived as “rude”, so they would rather make their life harder than it needs to be by denying themselves tools they could use. After all, why become a living god when you could become a living hospitality manager? (sorry, I couldn’t hold back the sarcasm, lol)

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You don’t need to commit to any path. If you choose to, that is only for your benefit. Satan has no interest in making anyone bow to him. The only thing you need to approach a spirit is respect.
Usually if you have a bad experience with magic, that comes from yourself. The people who need to externalize it are insecure on multiple levels. It’s not to say magical attacks don’t happen, but it’s more rare for that to actually be the case than just some “bad juju”.
This is how I would interpret the dream; When you walk the path of the left hand, that is the path of evolution. Sometimes you must kill a part of yourself to thrive. Confront your monsters, and become greater than they are. There is as much to learn in defeat as there is in victory. Cthulhu is perhaps the vessel of this message.


Ok thanks for you input, it was probly just me getting all exited them jumping in to the unknown thank you

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