Experiences Surrounding my Birth and Early Life

My mom always tells me these stories when she’s in a certain kind of mood and they made me feel special, but I wonder if these are more common than I think?

My first story requires some background knowledge. My mom is an addict, if there’s a drug you can think of my mom has done it, she’s getting much better, but she’ll always have those cravings. I have an older half-sister who was born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, it only affected her legs, she has metal rods in them so she can walk. She’s still very intelligent and is otherwise perfectly functioning. My mom did put her up for adoption, and my grandparents adopted her.

But, when I was conceived, my mom knew. She told me that she woke up in the morning (presumably the morning after having sex with my dad) and was looking at herself in the mirror. When she felt this presence surround her, starting at her head and traveling down. She described this presence as pure peace and love. Then, this presence moved into her womb and in that moment she knew, she just knew, that she was pregnant and in that moment she also lost all of her cravings for her addictions. She didn’t take a pregnancy test.

The second story: when I was very young, one of my mom’s boyfriends tried to kill me. He shut me in the hot tub, though it was off. When my mom came home she instantly knew something was wrong, and she immediately walked to the hot tub and opened it. Obviously, she was able to save me with no brain damage, which one would expect from all that time without oxygen.

It wasn’t until I was eight that her cravings returned and she became an addict again and my life got a lot more difficult very quickly. But, psychology tells us that the first five years are the most important as these are the foundation years for the rest of our lives. And whatever power was behind all this, got me a wonderful early life. When I think to my early years, all I remember are happy moments.

So, I was wondering if anyone else had crazy stories kind of marking them as unique? I don’t think that I’m the only one.

I’ll bite.

I come from a line of sorcerers and sensitives, and by “line”, I mean I am aware of four or five generations prior to my own that were either practicing magicians, or just extremely clairvoyant.

Not a very large line, and I don’t know if my mother’s side had any sorcerers, and I am unsure of just how far back my father’s side’s magical capabilities go.

I know that my father perceived a “weird, spiny cloud” above my crib when I was an infant. According to him, it visited perhaps once a week, and he could always tell because I would stop crying.

Also, at the age of two, according to him (he is extremely clairvoyant but refuses occult practice, his father was a seasoned sorcerer), he once went to rouse me from slumber, only to discover that there were two of me in the room. He started to get dizzy and confusion set in with an astonishing pace before the second me vanished into thin air.

I don’t have any memory of this, but according to my mother, she got called into my kindergarten teacher’s office, because I was “drawing strange symbols in the sand”, and when a young girl approached me and asked if she could join me, and she wasn’t deterred by my barbarous, half-mad (I was a weird kid) whispers and lack of attention paid to her.

The teacher claims that another student saw me trip her, but according to the girl, something reached from the sand and tried to take her.

As a young boy, I do remember a giant butterfly landing on top of my head and then sinking into my body. “Giant”, as in, it was the size of six or eight year old me.

There are probably some more stories that I’m not remembering at the moment.

My mother tried to drown me because she thought I was the Antichrist she also claims to still get raped by demons to this day. But I don’t believe in an Antichrist anymore than a Christ as it is conventionally known.

Your mother sounds severely mentally unbalanced, I’m sorry that you had to go through that.

I never knew it even happened untill later in life so don’t pity me. I have no memory to mourn. I find it to be a fun conversation piece. And usually leads to others telling stories of madness and insanity that they experienced which I always love to hear.

My father was abusive (verbally) with a very short temper. He`s a surgeon (retired now) with this job causing him a lot of stress, which he failed to manage properly. I clashed heavily with him since i was a child and into adulthood.

Among the other pretty normal and ordinary family members, i was the black sheep, the controversial, the rebel, the fearless risk taker and many more. My grandparents and my mother use to playfully call me Satan.
I would oppose anything and everyone and never took statements and situations presented to me by others as facts. I questioned all.

I felt different all my life and everyone else around me had the same understanding. I had a deep feeling that i was meant for something bigger, other than what my environment was forcing on me.

That feeling was further nurtured by life itself constantly throwing challenges towards me from a very young age. It was strange as these challenges were either unusual/rare or the frequency was greater than what one would accept as a statistical fact.

Ive looked straight into the Rippers eyes many times, in two occasions i literally died and had to be resuscitated. I have had countless accidents, went through a very rare type of cancer, i`ve been shot in the head, stabbed in the chest, flew a car over a cliff, crashed a motorcycle at 200 and the list goes on and on. I can literally sit and talk about how and how many times i fooled death for days. Cats are nothing in comparison.

And all that expands to romantic relationships, business. A big challenge in all, close calls in my whole existence, that displace normality (assuming that such thing exists). Every time i tried to follow the beaten path i was forcibly and crudely pushed away.
And the stories keep racking up, as disbelief of others does.

At the same time, a perception of reality, an understanding of the subliminal, was constantly growing and expanding. Along came deeper questions.

Ive been on this path of awakening since the day i was born and although i didnt realize the existence of the spirit until late, i always felt it intensively and unknowingly used it to bring significant change to my life and other people lives.

Ive progressed a lot in my life and i know that ill keep growing to a much greater degree, yet i cannot place my hand over my heart and declare that this my true and only calling in life. My path feels part of an initiation, of some thing, that lies beyond.

I always sensed and truly came to believe that were on the verge of a great change within our lifetime, a shift in everyones paradigm that`ll completely redefine the ways we perceive living in modern times.

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Well my mom says that when she was pregnant with me one night my dad said he saw Gabriel looking through the window. I dont know if that was anything to do with me though.
What i do know is that from very early on ive a connection or something to fire. I remember one day when i was about 5 walking through the back door of my grandmas trailer with my twin cousins. My uncle was maybe 12 and the paneling was off the wall a.d there was hot water heater but when i looked at it it terrified me. I asked my uncle what it was and he said the hot water heater. I was suppose to spend the night but was so scared the later it got the more i cried and lockef myself in the bathroom and cried andbegged to go home. Finally my grandad took me home and that night my granmas trailer burned to the ground. Everyone there made it out safely. But they lost everything my grandma kept saying she knew, i dont know how but she knew. When they investigated the fire. It was caused by the hot water heater.
Last year my sister bought an explorer and i hated it i didnt know but i never wanted to drive it and had a bad feeling around it. One day after she got off work she stopped at the grocery store and while she was shopping it burned up on the parking lot.
And ive talked in another post about meditating and wishing for something to catch fire and it did. So idk. And i have learned how to harness , control, it. But there it is.

Zeus, both dying (and coming back to life), and mysterious rare illnesses are signs of a shaman. Have you ever considered looking into core shamanism?

And Arianna, wow. Such an affinity to fire is envious.

Awww…thank you. Just wish i knew more about what to do with it. I feel like im missing something important.

[quote=“ashtkerr, post:8, topic:7905”]Zeus, both dying (and coming back to life), and mysterious rare illnesses are signs of a shaman. Have you ever considered looking into core shamanism?

And Arianna, wow. Such an affinity to fire is envious.[/quote]

You`re not the first person that says that to me and i came to realize that i pretty much tick all the Shaman boxes. I have a natural incline towards the Shamanic qualities, especially healing of others which comes easy to me.

I fall blistering fast into trance with Shamanic drumming and Tuvan singing.
And my clairvoyance is rather strange, always looking through someones else`s eyes, in most cases its either a horse or a falcon and very very rarely of another person.
Black mirror scrying always turn my head into a wolfs head no matter how strongly i force opposite intention.

Yet apart from all that, i have very superficially looked into Shamanism (i actually know very little about it), as i`m drawn heavily into other darker practices.

I often make the assumption that if youre not drawn into something then thats not your calling.

You can do dark practices as a Shaman, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. There’s potential to do some serious damage. You could literally cause a break out of plague among towns.

And there’s always the possibility that you are indeed called to Shamanism, but your resistance to that call is causing the spirits to attack you in an attempt to catch your attention.

But, ultimately, I respect your autonomy.

I’m not comfortable sharing too much detail, but I was raised with the expectation that great things would be asked of me, and that I would be able to accomplish them.

Maybe that just fed into a delusional lifestyle, I can’t argue against that, but it was why I initially commtted so hard to my RHP path, and learning healing - I absolutely believed it was MY job to fix the planet - and it’s also the main reason why, when I was given the theogenesis prophecy and told I could be part of driving this forwards, I didn’t freak out (well, not too much!) or go “What, little old me do a big thing like that?” - which I guess would have been the “normal” response.

I’m thrilled to have found other people with the same core beliefs, it makes me feel less alone and more as though this is the craziest of times, and we’re the exact crazy people needed to shake things up. :slight_smile: