Experiences and Info on Krishna, Shiva, and Melek Taus

Has anyone here worked with Krishna or Shiva? Would you mind sharing some information on them? Does anyone have any experiences with Melek Taus? I feel like these spirits are calling to me (among others, especially a certain star goddess).


I have worked with Melek Taus and i’ve mediated under the power of shiva, by calling his immortal light of his trident.

I evoked Shiva once, it was as if he was trying to contain himself as if he was holding back as if he was struggling as i looked at his face I could see a big build of indigo energy as if it was tairing away at his forehead.

Knowing that his third eye can obliterate all of existence in this case me, I took my next steps carefully but confidently.

But with Melek Taus he seems to act as someone with Royal proceedings. He seems to sometimes be very dominant he’s definitely the type of spirit that bows to none.

He’s basically the type to say " how dare you summoning me " or something around those lines.
He must know your in control and in power.

If you need anymore information on Melek Taus PM me


How did you evoke shiva ? Can you please guide me about the procedure or give references to info for evoking shiva ?

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Look evocation is a simple process, simply enter the TGS, then structure a body for the spirit feed it power and energy from your Zeal Chakra.

Then repeat a simple incantation like

" I call onto thee almighty Shiva
Come to me
Awaken now before me
The destroyer of worlds
He who holds the trident
God of pure power
I summon you before me
To manifest in a beholdable form
And to speak to me in a discernible voice
Shiva, come, Shiva, come, Shiva come
I give you lisence to appear
Shiva who lyes silent in the void
I seek communion with thee
Shiva come, Shiva come ".

Then you can vibrate shiva’s name
As a mantra to adjust your frequencies
To shiva and increasing the manifestation
Of that being in the area.

Then Shiva will answer you.


I was just thinking about him today


Thank you so much. I am a Hindu-Jain mix, we pray to him and worship him as a God. I never thought we could evoke him like a spirit. Will try it out soon.

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Isn’t melek taus one of Lucifer’s names??

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You gave me superb clarity on this issue. I am not religious at all, I rarely go to temples :stuck_out_tongue: I just pray to gods before I sleep. I ll PM you about this topic.

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Melek Taus is considered a mask of Lucifer. In other words they share archetypal characteristics (rebellion against God, but Melek Taus was praised because of it) and some may experience one as an aspect of the other.


Hi i recently joined BALG forum , Newbie at the moment learning to feel energy and presence.

As a hindu we know Shiva as a God form , reading your post here and still in awe at your experience ,

if you have the time could you please elaborate more on this topic , and also how many hindu pantheon gods have you ever evoked /invoked , would love to hear more of it ,

Thank you for sharing your knowledge