Experienced people to help me with relationship spells / situation


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I am posting this here to have some more information from people who consider to be successful in love spells (relationship/ domination and also possibly, even the revenge ones). If you want to explain how bending ones free will is unethical, spare this thread from that - I at this point am well aware of this fact and have decided to proceed with them.

I broke up with my boyfriend 4 months ago since I felt he couldn’t really commit to me on the level I felt I deserved. It was difficult but eventually there was no option left for me if I wanted to maintain any dignity I had left. It was semi-serious and I haven’t felt strongly like this in 4 years. This person was very stubborn and always felt like people who fully commit, will be heartbroken or cheated on. I never gave him any reason to feel like this, but it was his own beliefs and experiences he had heard from the people around him.

I then cut all ties to him for 3 months. Figured out I could easily let this person go if I was given enough time for it. Cut to this moment we did see each other 1,5 months ago just to realize there was insane chemistry between us, but I still felt he was not ready to deepen the relationship because he just wants to have it all. The freedom and the perks without the relationship. I then made a decision to forget about it all.

Some time after that for some reason I ended up researching topics about post-breakups and got introduced to magick through that. I half-heartedly did a honey jar on him (didn’t bless anything, no spirits involved). Also during the same day I for some reason did a binding spell on him too. Thought it was just ‘for fun’ but was pretty shocked to see he had contacted me the same evening…

I was surprised and put him off a bit during the convo since I felt like he should work a bit harder to get us back to where we were last fall. After that contact I have done all kinds of things;

Candle magick with

-domination (purple candle, proper oils, blessed all of them, asked St. Martha to help me with it)
-clearing blockages (first with novenas that had problems to burn properly till the end and never did and then a regular green candle with oils and herbs)
-one candle with Anima Sola to make him restless, without the cross though (still blessed with oils and herbs)

-headwork (red skull candle while he was asleep with oils and spirit powder since I didn’t have the link to him)

-hoodoo-doll with his image inside of the play dough, spirit powder, domination herbs and oils and also a chaos magick sigil for obsession and King Paimons sigil which I charged both

-evoking Lucifer with a sigil to contact me

I also do divination with tarot cards and a pendulum talking with spirits; the answers I’ve been getting are mostly the same; the feeling about this have stayed the same, no positive changes as of how I read them.

I do realize these are multiple works done but I tried to direct them for different entities and tackling different sides to the situation. No visible movement has been seen (we are not contacted through social media), but I did have a quick conversation where we had a good vibe about meeting on a better day (this was last week).

I would love to hear someone experienced to give their opinion on this and maybe raise the right questions for me to understand and to tune my work more for this kind of spells.

I have had way more success with prosperity spells and overall attraction spells, so I know this has to do with the persons stubborness too.

Thanks for all the help in advance and any success stories others may have on similar situations.



Would also be against the rules, of no moralising on a working thread. :+1:


Apologies, but are you asking why its not working or why slow or something similar? I see the large text and skip details.

If so, it’s likely the large amount of spell work you have done is conflicting. In the sense of you are doubting it and feel the need for numerous backups or you could just be making him crazy.

So just ease up and give it time to work. If you had a different question then yeaaaaa ignore me.


At first it was impatience tbh, but then it became more of boosting the works I already had done. While searching deeper into this I also realized along the way that maybe it wasn’t necessarily emotions that I needed to target but the thought process and the negative beliefs.

I’m not doubting none of it, my intent was on point and I have always had intense energies after I’ve done any kind of work. I just wanted to share this with you if someone who has more experience would shed some light on how they see the process and maybe some things that might be clearly not working from an experienced point of view. Or just to hear that someone did something similar and how they went about it. All feedback / discussion is more than welcome :ghost:


Have you seen any changes since then? I’m in your boat too and planning to do a honey jar with a pink skull candle I’m gonna talk to for a full moon cycle and then burn it over the honey jar to make him miss us…I’ll combine follow me boy and return to me oils and herbs…instead of full blown domination. I am still in contact with him we share a child together. Let me know how any of your stuff worked for you please

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I noticed that I started to do way more better with attracting people in general, prosperity and such but I was having an unhealthy need for this one person back then and ever since I’ve gotten into way more serene place with myself and my relationships. The spells I did at that point made me attract him back into my life but only shortly. He was and is a depressed soul which I later on learned was holding me back from fully prospering as a woman.
We often project our needs of acceptance onto the person who is openly rejecting us…
I recommend to work on yourself and do spells that will direct you to a better place with yourself and your child. That you would be presented with a more healthier option, though I dont know the background of your story <3

I started to work with all natural oils, most of the ones you buy are only colored oil so check who you’re buying it from / or learn to prepare oils yourself.

If you feel like you knowing more, pm me.