Experienced magickian for contacting Belial,

I need some help regarding King Belial, I had tried to contact him through his sigil online, i had felt a powerful energy, but the contact didnt go correctly as I was a little too scared I had done some things wrong, I am thinking of trying again, this time printing out the sigil and drawing over it with a black pen if i can, if i try to contact him like this, no evocation, just invocation, what is the best way to establish a good connection and should i be cautious or just go with it with respect and strength as i have done, the bit of fear is always there btw, but would Belial comprehend my situation? I think he does, i just have difficulty getting a clear understanding of what is happening when i contact him, all i could feel was powerful energy

If you felt a powerful energy when you did it the first time, you more than likely connected with him. If you want to do it again using the method you described, once you feel that powerful energy again, just start talking to him. No need to be afraid or feel as if you did something wrong. Just be respectful and let go of your fear and you should be fine.

Good luck :cherry_blossom:


thank you, yes, i had assumed connection was established i just need to get familiar with him and obviously as i am new to the dark side i still got a lot to learn

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