Experience with sigil of Gamaliel

First of all, let me inform you that I have no experience whatsoever with the Qliphoth and the only things I know is from the lore I studied and from experience’s from various magicians. Yesterday, when I read the newsletter by Asenath Mason containing information about the Qlipha Gamaliel, caught my attention and it was not the first time. It seems that various experiences in my personal life are connected in some sort of way with this one.

I happen to find a sigil and when I decided to just to gaze upon it (mind you it was around 23:30) I started dozing, sleepy as hell! Immediately after an intense pulse appeared on my forehead and a very big and wide eye (similar to the sigil) started to form around it. I could feel it physically. I went to bed and decided to sleep. I was hoping for some sort of vision or at least a dream. In the end, nothing happened except me seeing the same dream I saw around the same time last year about my University.

I want to ask u guys here if you have any similar experiences and if you have any good starting exercises to get me going. Of course, its a matter of experimentation for me but also a journey that can reveal a lot about disastrous things that happened in my life and help me to ascend.
Best regards, Baskerville’s Dog


Best to start by doing an evocation of Lilith asking her to guide you before going further. I’ve found the majority of demons in Gamaliel are pure predators so trying to work with them without her blessing can be unhealthy.

They either see you as a child of Lilith, one of their own or something to be consumed, there is no middle ground with them on that.

Exercises. Masturbating without climaxing while chanting her enn “Renich viasa avage lillith lirach” is any excellent way of inducing dreams before sleeping, just ask her to show you want you need to see.


I see I’ll follow your advice then, thank you