Experience with Santa Muerte

Hey Guys,

So yesterday I recited an invocation to holy mother death and I noticed that a lot of emotional baggage was taken from my shoulders and I sensed her presence clearly. Later that day I went to practice and the clouds turned unto a grim reaper that pointed on me. A raven also landed on the pool deck and was staring at me directly for a couple of moments before it flew away. Santa Muerte hears your prayers and is there for you, I highly encourage anyone to work with her! Not only from a spiritual but also from a psychological perspective is she unique, she is quite literally your own death. A lot of people have a problem with death but she will rid you of your fear. Praise unto Santa Muerte

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Good job , try giving her offerings

I will and do

which robe?

I don’t really differentiate between the robes, I have an idol but if I choose to work with a certain robe I place a candle with the corresponding color on my altar. But in my vision earlier this year (not the one I reported) she appeared in a red/black robe.

That is my own opinion from working with spirits and feel free to disagree, but I believe that spirits have a core and different aspects, so the robes would represent aspects of one force :slight_smile:


can santa muerte break or restrain spirit protection

She can literally do everything since she is death herself one of the most powerful forces in the universe.


@Alakir what would the reason be that Santa Muerte accepts to help you and you give all you can in your relationship but she doesn’t help you or give you the result for which you were praying to her. Is it common for her to accept and then deny results for your petition.

There can be a hundred reason and this doesn’t only apply to Santa Muerte but to list a few:
-Did you insult her by not keeping part of a promise in the past?
-Are you grateful even for her small blessings?
-Do you lust for results?
-How much faith do you have?
-Are you praying the Rosary while casting your spell?

Another possible reason might be that the results of your spells would harm you more than do good. She is very protective so he might deny a request in order to save you from yourself.


No…I have always honoured my promises to her. Always grateful, spoke to her, prayer daily and rosary once a week. Treated her with respect and love. I had reading if she accepted my Petition and it was always positive but no results especially it was for one of the things that she is known to help as she believes in the union of marriage but no results

This might be the case