Experience with Lerajae and Sallos? Can I call they for this?

So I wanna work with a demon for relationship with my exbestfriend and our friendship now is literally shit… We dont talk each other a few months ago. But she has a boyfriend. So, If I evoke sallos will he/she broke their relationships and will does she feel love and lust for me? Or Should I evoke first another demon too for example Lerajae to make break up them? Another question:
I have evocated demons once, and Im not sure about that they’ll help me
for a beginner. (Sallos and Lerajae) My first evocate was Bune (She were so kind and dear.)


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To the OP Marquis Leraje is Awesome at causing battles stirring up resentments, feuds.

He’s not happy unless some dramas Poppin off.
If you want discord he’s your man.


Sallos isn’t going to fix any of the problems that lead to “ex” anything, so it’s way out of the realm he works.


And what about Beleth? Beleth can ignite an old flame. There was a time (1-2 year ago) when she loved me. So, can I call Beleth to help ?

You can call all the love demons you want, but it doesn’t mean anything if she won’t leave the person she’s with. That’s why you need to break up the relationship.


Thank u sm I wanted to know this:)

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Layer the Magick

Work with Orpaniel first to ease any resentment between the two of you.

Then breakup up the couple

Then an entity for communication

Then connection/belonging

Then you fire demons for attraction

Then love


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I’m telling you, re-attracting an ex with bitter feelings is significantly more difficult than attracting that random girl at a coffee shop you have a crush on. You really have to layer the magick and if layering is your plan it’s not “distrust” in any entity when you call upon another to target a different aspect of the problem, it’s your plan.


Shouldn’t you still layer the magick with the coffee shop girl?

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In some cases yes. But I would never bother and let things flow naturally with someone I barely know.


Till this time I didnt work with Angels. Should it be same as demons? Sigil, and then call him? And sorry If Im bother you but could you name the spirits whom should I call?

…sound advice!!


Orpaniel is in GoMs Angels of Alchemy (great book) and Angels of Love (very limited book) I recommend that method.

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Yeah that was a pretty good breakdown of a layered love spell.

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Layering your magick is good, call on Lerajie to break them up, be sure to ask her to do so with extreme prejudice i.e forever and a day! Then I would call on the most sublime Lord Rosier to get her back. No psycho-babble, no drama, he will quite simply drop her into your laps like a ripe plum falling off a tree.

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