Experience with first working with king Paimon as a beginner

So I had a odd experience, I been reading works of darkness and listening to videos while I work and drive past few days.

I became extremely honed into king Paimon looking up as much as I can on him.

I decided last week to sit down facing the north and closed my eyes and rested my hands ony lap and listened to his enn. I didn’t really feel much of anything. I decided to lay down in bed and do it. I ended up falling asleep listening to a loop I woke up at 2 am saw my wife at my desk asked her to grab head phones and went to bed again that night me and her had almost the same dream. Same people in it different circumstances.

A week after last night arrived I decided I was going to put his sigil onto paper I tried it semi large and thick with out a circle. I cut it into a large square and sat it ony desk. I rested my body and closed eyes listening to the enn and breathed in and out. When I was finally relaxed I opened my eyes to soft gaze into the sigil. The lines started to almost dance and morph almost as if my eyes were crossing and straightening. The image was vibrant. I decided for some weird reason to close my eyes and put my lands on the sigil like a planchette after a few seconds it began to feel warm my body got heavy and my was was numb I felt a heavy weight one.

I soaked up the experience even though I was kinda going wtf is happening in my head.

This morning as I was driving and at random times I can literally see the sigil like a screen burn on my vision it’s random but comes and goes

Any clue to explain my experience and how to proceed??

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He’s reaching out to you…answer the call.


I saw the same thing when I started working with Him. It was amazing. One time, I was having coffee with an acquaintance and suddenly I saw the sigil flash before my open eyes, it looked like it was burned into the air, really bright and clear down to the last detail. It appeared above my acquaintance‘s head and I had to try my best not to gasp and stare into seemingly thin air lol.

I second what QueenMustang said, He is reaching out to you. You might also possibly see the sigil in your dreams. Watch out for extremely vivid/ lucid dreams and visions suddenly popping into your head. He gives clear signs to those He wants to communicate with.


Should I continue to meditate with it every night I feel like I should

It’s just weird because I wanted belial or lucifuge but never had much interest in king Paimon but then randomly I’m all about him it’s kinda odd

i too felt the need to cut a large ass square


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My issue I guess is the lack of experience on how to progress I’m planning to just meditation on it daily a go from there

King Paimon is a great many things that can benefit you and your own personal growth. He seems to be calling to you in a very methodical way. Answer his call and just learn what he feels he has for you to learn and always be respectful and address him by his title and you’ll be just fine. He has improved my life tremendously and I’ve barely been working with him for about 18 months.


I think you should, especially if your own intuition tells you that, too.

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It you may or may not get a better reading with King Paimon if you meditate during the day and try to reach out to him since he is easier to reach during the daylight hours opposed to the night. It isn’t impossible to reach him at night by any stretch, but for someone a bit new to the occult you may achieve better results during daylight hours. Good luck in your endeavors. He is definitely calling and reaching out to you.




I read your post about your experience it was awesome how did you go about contacting him when you did it

I found it doesn’t matter at all, it’s more a question of when you are most receptive.