Experience with Bune

Hi All,

I want to share my gratitude to Bune. Im very very new at Magick, evocation and all, bt ever since ive started working with Bune i receive money. Weather this is due to a large tip, getting a new client or getting larger commission. i took this advice from another post, “Sometimes you just need to stare at a sigil” it has worked 100% of the times. With this lockdown ive had the most successful weeks when it comes to money.

I would like to get deeper into evocation as ive not been able to see or hear Bune. At least tha im aware, because things are getting done, so i know he/she has been that helping hand.

Any advice is more than welcome



Please how do I get money from Bune? What does his Sigil look like? What does he like How is his nature? Is he aggressive?

Guys, as soon as I can contact Duchess Bune i will take care of you :kissing_heart:

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She doesn’t like when people look at her as an ATM machine. Just saying.

Also, and this is the last time I take the time to tell you this, use the search function. Her sigil is here… hell, is in the avatar of one user in this conversation. All the information you need to start is here, just look for it instead of waiting for us to serve you everything in a silver plate.


I understand you! thank you brother

Try this: :+1:

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Keep experimenting with several spirits and see what happens

I would like to add that its not just about getting money its also understanding that you need to have a purpose for the money and you have to remain humble. money and wealth are great if used in acordance to a humble purpose. Im sure Bune wouldnt help someone with the idea of becoming uncle scrooge.

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I believe it is necessary to assume the correct mentality. In my case, as a salesman, i have already studied and worked in order to prepare myself to reap what i have sown. It costs a lot of effort to contact large companies, receive waste, study books to understand how to approach the most diverse economic sectors. Thinking about “getting rich”, or even just reaching “financial independence” without effort and preparation … expecting Bune, Clauneck or other demons to satisfy our whims … hurts us because it prevents us from forging the necessary character to realize us in life, humanly before even professionally.

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