Experience website bonanza


does anyone have experience with website bonanza? Are these items for real? Or fake?

It’s a real site, just not as big as etsy, ebay and Amazon. Why do you ask? I have sold things on Bonanza so it’s legit. Rumor has it that ebay bought Bonanza and is in the process of making some major changes, which would explain why selling on bonanza used to be free but it costs a fee now when you sell something. I mean, ebay bought craigslist so it wouldn’t surprise if they bought bonanza too.

Ok, i saw some mage who could bound 1000 diffirent demons to a spirit body. I was wondering is this real? Or fake?

What? That’s crazy. Stay away from anyone offering stuff like that, scammers. If you need spells, rituals or magick done for you, contact a professional with an established reputation that other people can vouch for with their testimonials, someone well known to be legit like E.A. or S. Ben Qayan or one of their other partners or maybe someone else here knows of other reputable sorcerers if you don’t want to use E.A.'s services.

I second what RavensAscent says - these people make outrageous claims in the hope people will think “Well it sounds good, got to be worth a gamble”…

Yeah, sellers like that are a problem everywhere. You will find them on bonanza, ebay, etsy, amazon, everywhere offering too good to be true services for extremely high prices. I had to study about fraud methods this past summer when I took a few business courses at a local college and my professor said people like that take the money and never do a thing and when they get enough people complaining that they paid $650 for a spell that didn’t work, they close up shop, disconnest their bank accounts from their stores and go open a new store elsewhere so if the buyer tries to file a claim and get a forced refund the marketplace won’t be able to take it from the seller because the seller disconnected their bank account and closed up shop.

What this does is put the honest sorcerers in a bad position. Those offering legitimate magickal services for $20-$30 are continually accused of being scammers and they won’t wait until the magick takes effect, a day or so later they file claims against the sellers and the seller lose all their money. I just had an insurance salesman approach me while I was having a cig outside, so annoying. I’m in the rural country and can’t even enjoy a smoke without a salesman approaching me!