Experience of my friends

Ok,in less than month my friends were very very poor I mean really poor and they wanted to find a job and money they didn’t know about magic or something about it and they wanted to sell their souls to the devil for money I recommend them Goetia grimoire because I didn’t even known for EA and they found it pretty interesting first they didn’t believe it my firends are married couple women and man and after some days they decidd to do the goetic ritual all the materials that were described in goetia cost them nearly 500 dollars and they decided to evoke a spirit named Seere because in description of him it says he can do every thing for magician.They told me that spirit didn’t shown up but my friend who readed text given for conjuration he felt little sick and he heard a voice in his head like sssssss and he felt strange.Later he completely disbelieved in magic and he become a hardcore skeptic I told him about EA but he says that EA is a fraud and he only want money from people and that this is all nonsense he is I mean my friend a computer expert and he says EA all of this made up and wrote a book for money I don’t believe him but I want additional comments before I try evocation ritual

I think you are coming at this from a really negative, naive, destined to fail standpoint, and listening to friends who only dabbled in the idea of ‘selling their souls to the devil’ (a popular but completely ignorant and misguided idea; why the heck would the ‘devil’ or any other spirit be interested in buying any of our souls lol) for assurances is plain daft.

The countless posts by users on this forum should be enough proof that occult science is real, and EA Koetting is a highly respected teacher.

Look, you can view the Mastering Evocation course free of charge for seven days to get started. If you think it is a fraud, cancel before the seven days is up and you pay nothing!!! But I really think, given your post, you should read a whole lot more about the occult before doing anything!

No I don’t think it is a fraud my friends think it’s fraud I’m open minded

Your friends are losers, and are jealous of people who use magick, intelligence, and hard work to succeed. I wouldn’t be friends with losers.

I don’t know that but I want to show them all the money I got by using magic I mean evoking spirits and to show them that they’re wrong

GreatDane12 I am not even sure from your posts as to whether or not you are trolling! However, your motivation for enquiring about magick is just plain wrong (nothing more than wanting to show your friends all the easy money you got). Are you quite young, by any chance?

I wouldn’t normally dissuade anyone from furthering their spiritual growth but…in your case I will make an exception. Just forget about this forum, the occult etc. until you have the maturity/intelligence to want to learn for less egotistical and lazy purposes.

I’m not trolling really but EA says that these entites or spirits will fulfill wishes of the magician aren’t we gods aren’t we creators of our own universe and yes I’m egoistic person cause I want to be filthy rich and yes I’m egoistic person cause I want to be famous and to have all those luxury items like cars and houses


Magick isn’t easy. It’s not a Hollywood-say-some-weird-words-snap-your-fingers-and-poof! kind of thing. Magick requires skill, which means hours upon hours of practice. You must be able to hold the necessary state of consciousness to hear and see the entity before you. You have to discipline your mind through meditation. Spirits can bring you what you desire, but they do so through coincidence and synchronicity. A spirit is not going to drop a barrel full of treasure in your lap, nor is it going to make you famous if you have no talent, but, provided you do the work, it can make sure you meet the right people to get you where you want to go.

If you are truly serious abou learning evocation, I suggest you learn some method of meditation to help focus your mind, and pick up a copy of EA’s Evoking Eternity. It will help get you started.

Really really poor people who actually have $500 to waste on ritual props are destined to stay poor.


LOL…oh shit that me laugh! True though!

“yes I’m egoistic person cause I want to be filthy rich and yes I’m egoistic person cause I want to be famous and to have all those luxury items like cars and houses”

That’s fine man. I for one don’t believe that this place (BALG Forum) is a place for anyone to tell you what you should or shouldn’t want or how to live your life.


E.A. in the beginning portion of the Evocation Course Material, and I believe in The Book of Azazel (?) says he really doesn’t give a fuck what you (the practitioner) use your power for…just as long as you use it.

Now, regardless of what it is that one may want, one must also realize that with the wishes coming to pass, so too come all the "problems’.

Insane wealth…great! Make sure you learn how to manage your money and invest it wisely, or, at least learn how to educate yourself in picking the right people to manage it for you…ya know…so you don’t get ripped off.

Fame…love it! Prepare yourself to be a whore & be totally OK with that. If you aren’t prepared spiritually as a human being, just expect a LOT of empty relationships based upon “what can GreatDeane12 do for ME!”.

Personally, I really don’t care what it is that you want. However, you may need to take the advice of AcidKing:

“Magick isn’t easy. It’s not a Hollywood-say-some-weird-words-snap-your-fingers-and-poof! kind of thing.” - practice my man

If you want the fast track friend -

  1. Invest in the BALG Divination Course
  2. Invest in the BALG Evocation Course
  3. Invest in as many Personal Consults with E.A. himself that you can afford


Get rid of those fucking assholes in your life too. They will surely bring you down.

Sorry for fucking swearing so fucking fucking much.

Ok I understand this all but aren’t we gods I do know that gods make miracles happen and are omnipotent I mean all mighty aren’t EA said in his works that we can have everything imaginable talent,fame,money,love,and even immortality or inhuman long life god is not god if he cannot make himself rich overnight god is not god if he cannot be famous overnight and have the right talent

When you say over night, I presume you mean after you have done the work to allow that sort of manifestation. Magick like any skill takes time and effort to master. But if you can master this skill reality is your bitch.

Yap I know that this takes some time and effort also if I receive fame in a month after evocation it is good for me if I receive so and so money amount that I want from spirit in a week two it’s ok for me

All I would say is calm down GD12. You say you want to show your friends the money you make with magick. I’m pretty sure that to do that, you will end up losing those friends because unless you dropped a treasure chest in front them spontaneously, they wouldn’t believe you. Even if you could do that, by the time you got that power, folks like that would be long gone in your life. Hate to make judgments on your friends, but these don’t seem like the crowd of people you need to be around for this type of work.

I a pretty sure you are a beginner, and I will never knock on using power for material gain. However, from my own experience, if you get too caught up in desire without being able to set down and get a plan of action for attaining it, you won’t even even get your feet off the ground. You want riches? Cool, but do you believe you can get them? You got to start from where you are, and let the stuff build. EA’s got really good stuff for a beginner, but I suggest getting yourself immersed in accepting magick as something that you are going to carry with you as a real life tool.

Lastly, even if you are God, if you truthfully forgot, then you as good as 12-year-old SPAM. We are Gods, and like Gods we have raised ourselves to completely forget that we are Gods. So, you got to break all that God work to ungod yourself, and that is gonna take at least some work. I’m with you, immortality, superpowers… I’m one of the nuts here who likes that type of stuff, and magic would feel lame to me if this weren’t a possibility. But you got to at least know where you stand now, get your knowledge up about what you can do, and then build systematically. Once the rubber hits the road, you’ll be decent and coming up with your own techniques.

I don’t normally post much anywhere, but occasionally I get the spontaneous urge to post and this is one of those times.

You can’t live your life looking outside yourself for permission to act. If you do that, you are living others lives - not your own. And you will never be happy. And this is often a subtle looking for permission. You mention that they are a computer expert, which elevates them in authority somehow, thus you feel you should listen to them. So you come to a forum looking for others to offset that.

No one here can allay your fears that it is not real. And if you are honest with yourself, you will see that those are real fears you have - otherwise you would have no need for “comments”. It’s ok to have those fears. But the only way you can remove them is to make a decision to find out for yourself, through your own work.

I know people with PhD’s in physics and chemistry, Masters in economics and computer science who actively practice these kind of topics and I personally am no numbnut…and there are also others who haven’t gone through “traditional” higher education. But it doesn’t matter, because even those experts are only an expert in their field…and are often ignorant about other fields they are NOT an expert in. And your friend, though they may be very knowledgeable about computers, are obviously not an expert in magic.

Many people try their hands at magic…for a whole week even. Then if it doesn’t work they turn around and tell everyone it’s all BS and you can’t do magic. They spend far more time telling people it’s BS than they ever did even trying it. The problem is, their expectations are idiotic. Most people don’t expect to be able to pick up a guitar and play anything they want on it straight away. They know it will require practice to get good at - and people who are very good may spend hours every day practicing. Magic is the same. You can’t just read from a book and hey presto, a demon (magic genie) will appear and grant your every wish instantly. It’s a skill. You develop it through time (and effort).

You have one particular other thing working against you which you need to be aware of, and which slips up many people who - whether they realize it or not - really desire the approval of others, in your case, in the sense of wanting to “make it big” and prove those other fuckers all wrong. You will fail unless you can find a way to get over that (or at least, you won’t succeed to any significant extent).

You will fail, because your Will is divided. And a divided will is not powerful. It is a limp dick. And a limp dick is not going to penetrate the mysteries to impregnate the womb of creation so you can have a child (wealth, fame …your desire) be born in your life. It isn’t going to happen. You have to want what you want TRULY for yourself. Not to impress others. Not to prove them wrong. Just because you want it.

This is actually a significant reason why “to be silent” is so valuable and actually a key to power. It’s not just so those unworthy commoners don’t know the power. If you keep your shit to yourself and you know that you’re always going to keep your shit to yourself…then you have no part of you secretly hoping to impress others or prove them wrong etc down the line.

Decide to do this for yourself, even if it turns out to be a scam. The time will pass anyway. How many people can say they even tried to evoke a demon? At the very least, you will sound badass if you decide to stay on the path of trying to impress others. But you may find (and I presume you already have) - it is not a very joyful path.

“When I think of E.A.'s material and BALG courses, instead of library, mystical art or poetry sometimes I think “West Coast Choppers Custom Bike Shop”. Weld out the frame, overclock the engine, sand down the body and let it burn once the paint sets.”

Ya know…THIS is pretty much how I feel about us here :slight_smile: I just lacked the fucking vernacular E93!!!

Well said.

Very much this! I recently had an opportunity to see some of my stuff acting in the field, and saw some pretty amazing results. but for various reasons I felt it was best to just shut up about it as if I talked all it would do would be ego stroking and it might even cause me some problems. It was hard though, when you see stuff work you want to tell people about it.