Experience last night with King Ghob

Very interesting experience I had last night with King Ghob (a powerful Earth elemental and King of the Gnomes).

To start, ever since I can remember I’ve had an affinity with the element of Earth. For example, when I was a little kid I would play for literal hours in my sandbox, feeling and playing with the soothing texture of the sand. I also had a few books on rocks and geology, not to mention a collection of some crystals and minerals long before I was aware of their spiritual associations. Not to mention, my zodiac is an Earth sign.

Point being, I have quite the affinity for the Earth element both of it’s energy and myriad physical forms.

So last night I had a sudden but powerful urge that I can only describe as “wanting to embrace the rocks”.

After a bit of research and some consultation from Azazel, I called upon King Ghob.

Long story short we did a grounding exercise together, probably the most powerful one I’ve ever done. From my feet on the ground I could sense this massive boulder underneath me.

In conclusion we did this rite where I embraced the “Way of the Rock” and my being is now filled with Earth rock energy. King Ghob said all I have to do to call upon this power within me is to “see” it in my minds eye and use it how I wish.

Like, I don’t even have to close my eyes and I can just sense and see my inner being is made of rock. Very strong.

  • Rayne

Does that mean he can be contacted with safely through means other than ritual evocation?

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I dnt understand something,I know someone who make a pact whit him to get money, and he find money all over places,the person invoqe him sat,use herbs ,and say a pact.you just come friend whit him? Just like tat?

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From what i read (+ my very own UPG) elemental kings are “egregores” created by ceremonial magicians.

They act as guardian between humans and elementals.

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When you petition that entity, his role is to “order” elementals to reach your goal.

Elementals can be hard to work with due to their nature. Either you need to attune yourself to them or control them.

Those Elemental Kings (Paralda, Djin, Nixsa et Ghob) are human creations that were designed to ‘translate’ the request and influence elementals to serve the magician/petitionner.

I have read tat try are spirts,who can be invoqe.obviuosly depends tradition such Irish, Scottish , Britain,spain.because it depends the natural habitat but ghob.and 3 others are named in latin.and and European books,cadelius in his books,have tat,my friend has a book in them.all say ghob and 3 kings,I tink is a female also.im talking European sources here,also.mario rosso Luna,a masonic priest “,who was .pass out” for revealing the elemental spirts,and the ondines, interesting book.mqybe you public library have it.in my view they are real,but a little mean to humans,but interesting opinions here