Experience in invoking Lucifer

I believe my experience was successful!

So for a few months I really wanted to jump in and begin my magical journey, learning and gathering as much information as I can about Lucifer. I had a ritual planned and I felt comfortable to start so I started with invoking Lucifer. and as I was invoking and calling forth Lucifer into my temple and opening my self I felt great! While focusing on the candles and relaxing the candles were flickering back and forth and I started to notice, then after about 10min go by my incense I lit prior was burning,I started to focus on it, while doing so I noticed the smoke was starting to create 6’s over and over again and the smoke begin to come towards me. Then followed by a small light in my temple flickered and I ended the ritual a few minutes after, was feeling super happy and ever since I wanted to jump into ritual and keep going and doing it as much as I can.

To this day I feel like I succeeded. As I gained more and more information after the ritual I feel ready to do it again and this time much longer then before, seeking Lucifer I’ve noticed my life is changing. For the better.

Hail Lucifer! Tonight is going to be great as I’ll jump into ritual again. Can’t wait to see what awaits! Much love!


Lucifer Told Me To Follow My Intuition, Always!!


Amazing! Hail Lucifer :slightly_smiling_face:

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