Experience: Fifty names of Marduk - Namru

I’ve very recently decided to seek the aid of Namru, and I found success doing so. So, I thought some contribution would be suitable as my first post - first, save for the introductory one.

For the past year, I’ve been doing a course to get an IT profession, and most of the teachers and the material was… sub-par, to say the least, so it wasn’t an easy task. The oral part of the final exam was to be especially rough for everyone.
The night beforehand I was recommended the fifty names of Marduk, so I flipped open the pages of google, and gathered some knowledge. Namru seemed like the best possible choice, but I was already tired so instead of anything else I simply drew his sigil up, gazed at it while asking him to turn his attention to me. When I felt a change, I beseeched him in a prayer, requesting his aid in tomorrow’s exam, so that I may perform excellently, etc.
Cue exam day, with Namru’s sigil in my pocket. Without hesitation, I chose an envelope - I opened it and it held the worst topic I could have gotten. I felt sort of betrayed; "I know nothing of this, I fucked up."
The story is growing a bit too long for no good reason, so after some preparation, I performed excellently. I can’t even fully recall what I was saying, save for some parts of it, but others told me it was a solid job. Now I have a profession.
There was even a little hidden “lesson” in all of this, I think. I was a fool and asked for his aid, and also luck in choosing the envelope that has a topic I know of. Namru is, however, a teacher. I think I might have been purposefully guided towards the one I know the least about, as if he wanted to show me the extent of his power. If so, I am definitely convinced.

So all in all, I recommend Namru to everyone who wishes for aid in academics, or wants to gain knowledge. I’ll surely delve deeper into using the names of Marduk, and will post results when I do so.

Congratulations ! it is really nice that you have received good result with Namru. However you should be careful to dispose the sigil after your job is done, in the realm of Enki. That means salted water or any watery body like lake or river etc. Because, Namru also has another side of his nature. According to the famous Simon Necronomicon tradition magician Ashnook, Namru is also a Psi Vampire, and he mercilessly feeds on the magician who summon him. Let me quote from his own comment in his “My experiences with some of the 50 spirits:”, "Namru I used this guy to help me out with a few tests…he did until I found out that he had been draining my energy from time to time unmercifully for about 6 months. When I figured out he was the one begind it he “helped” me FAIL one of my tests…I got a 22 out of possible 100 on it. This guy is a decieving psi vamp. Im not the only mage on these forums that can attest to that. He will also “help” you forget to destroy his sigil when your done with it, thus allowing him to continue to drain you.
— Ashnook "