Expectations vs Reality

the figure I set out to create

what I ended up created

Guess it will still work… what do you thinK?


I don’t know, what do you feel from it?

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I feel something. I also used heavy marker and those fumes are getting to me.
Love how the sigils look but damn I can’t redraw them nor trace them for shit.

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Close enough. It’ll work.


Don’t be overly concerned with the shapes. The Shapes do matter, but as long as you feel something from it, that’s what’s important.

For an artistic sigil like this, I believe that’s what’s important.

Allow yourself to hone in on Cthulu’s essence, and focus your mind. That’s what it’s there for.

And by the way, you don’t even have to trace it out. Just use the sigil as it appears on the page.


@Epsilon_The_Imperial :ok_hand:

Here are also some evocation tips:
It helps to also subconsciously connect to them such as meditating with/on them and their sigils/symbols.

For artsy sigils like that, I tend to create my own due to the over complication of said sigil. Or I channel my own.

As Epsilon astutely pointed out, connecting to them pre evocation through some form of method i.e. meditation, focusing on their essence, any sort of preliminary work will help you out tremendously. Just thought I’d share some tips, hopefully they helped you in some way.


Don’t worry it doesn’t look that bad :stuck_out_tongue:
What does this sigil represent though?

Never mind, just saw cthulhu written on it… Never worked with him…
Did you evoke him?

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Still cake even if one looks like a bloke in drag and the other like bronie after really heavy session with artex. I think the pony’s expression of WTF cuteness can now be explained when it sees the bitch pony version…


Don’t worry as was said earlier if you feel the connection it’s fine.
I drew some of hers for Nyarlathotep and channeled him while drawing so he told me what was okay.

Remebering the principles of evocations has proven helpful for me. Preparatory Immersion especially makes the process smoother, i have a much easier time increasing the connection to the force or entity i am working with since study and research into the specific entity or force builds a connection with it as you dig deeper.

EA brings up an example of this with his work with the simon necronomicon in the book of azazel if i remember right :thinking:


Konstantinos, in his book Nocturnicon, created a sigil for Cthulhu, drew it on a beach in salt peter and set it on fire. What matters is how the sigil affects your mind, not if it is picture perfect or not.

I concur with everything said above. Just by attempting to draw it out you have infused your energy into it which is essential for strengthening the connection to the spirit, and you did a pretty good job of it too :slight_smile: