Exorcism Practice

So I have a friend, weve just meet recently, he has told me years ago he was quite involved with the occult and Black Magick. He has a very bad drug problem currently all these years later - heroin is his drug of choice.

He was sleeping and his foot kept twitching alot.

I was watching a yt video of a witch priestess of 30yrs explain how to invoke divine light. It is a very short video, approx 5min. As I watched the video I noticed looking over at him he was tossing and turning quite a bit. About 2min into the video he very gently began to shake somewhat like his chest was beginning to pull upward. I turned down the video but as he lay there sleeping he began to go into a convulsing state. I immediately recognized this as I’ve done it to myself in the past heavily induced in meditation and prayer. I stopped the video and he let out a big sigh as he continued sleeping.

I was thinking it might be something I’d like to try giving him an exorcism, but I’ve read a few things about, i.e. where to send the entity once removed, and also if I were to perform this exorcism on him I should be aware if a god is the one I am attempting to banish (which I’m under the impression its undesirable) should I consider this task too advanced for my skill level, or will an entity understand I am performing this ritual as a means of compatibility between myself and the spirits? I would like to do it as a means of practice assuming he may need many exorcisms and I’m interested in giving it a try for the experience bit as a means to change his life. Staying safe and connecting spiritually is a key point I’d like answered. Thank you.

I’d personally advise you to get some proper training before you attempt to exorcise something which may be as deep-seated as this. Also, have you considered the possibility that the spirit is actually helping him, keeping him alive?

Not all spirit possession is harmful, that’s a religious belief. And “divine light” is a nebulous term that’s affected by the beliefs and working system of the person using it.

There have been several times I’ve been partially possessed in the last few years as part of a pathworking, initiation, or attunement, and had to go out the house, and my worst concern was meeting someone who saw that energy on me, thought “Damn I gotta save her” and then successfully expelled it and even bound it.

Not saying that would be easy (most crusaders can’t do effective magick worth a damn) BUT it was a concern.

It could have, at best, stalled the pathworking or attunement, and at worse fucked me up quite badly. When you tear any energy out of someone, even if it’s completely harmful, you need something compatible to replace it with, right away, or astral vermin can get in and make the problem ten times worse.

And sometimes people who are in a kind of symbitoic state with an entity (temporarily or permanently) can be really badly hurt by someone attempting to channel normal “white light” healing energies at them - this isn’t just a concern for black magicians who work with demons, it’s affected a couple of people I know online who have strong ties to certain non-demonic entities.

Some spirits will energetically alter (or attune) a person and that can be really fucked up by someone attempting to flood them with conflicting rays of whatever.

So bear that in mind.

Personally I think attempting to exorcise something you may have seen from someone without their informed consent is exactly like the government taking you off the street and giving you surgery against your will, “for your own good”…

I guess I’m saying 1. you need to talk to him first about this, and see how he feels, and 2. get some training so you know what to do, and so that you’ve experienced healing being done on yourself, and 3. do divination at every stage to check that what you’re doing is in HIS best interests, not just target practice for you.

I’m not trying to be critical but honestly, if you ever do a prolonged possession yourself, you’ll understand that it’s by no means a negative thing, but interfering can be like ripping away someone’s oxygen tent because it looks claustrophobic to you or something! :slight_smile:

Wow, thanks so much for such a helpful response!

This morning I talked to him about it and he said he is totally down to do it, and that hes done it in the past and also other banishing rituals.

Ive known about what you said that being ‘possessed’ is technically a good thing when the entity is working with you. Even when Ive read when the entity seems to be working against you it becomes a learning experience and ultimately ends with positive results - for the most part, if the individual is complying with the reason for invoking the entity.

Ill take this opportunity to describe a little of my trouble since I really need help with it. I invoked an entity unknowingly and my life began to fall apart. As Ive studied my ass off and spent every waking day thinking, and working to understand what was going on, the more aligned with preparing to communicate and creating a space in my apartment to be a temple my life is slowly evolving for the better and good: like my bus pass mysteriously was filled with money - not once, but 3 times money just appeared on my bus card when the same day earlier there wasnt a cent on it. And much more has happened to my benefit since this all began, but also I feel as though it is an entity of chaos so at times I am dealing with unusual life experiences that are making day to day a struggle.

I cannot banish what has happened to me unless I am wrong about what is going on. In fact I wouldnt want to because I believe as soon as I evoke the spirit we will both become advanced in our path together. However I would like to have had the opportunity to learn and choose, and also not have had the bad experience I started out with yet if that were the case I would have never learned at this pace or from this perspective which I believe will benefit me in the long run down the road and I am very excited to evoke this spirit.

My friend has just informed me that it is possible that this entity is likely helping him, and I felt that was already true from reading your post LadyEva. I was an atheist only 5 weeks ago, and now I talk to spirit guides, archangels, demons, wandering spirits, other humans telepathically, and Im not sure but those who look human but are not. I dont know shit about any of this and what I do now is not even scratching the surface. Thank you for being a part of this learning process with me. It isnt easy to write about most of it. It would be easier to run to the doctor and hide like everyone else I knew has told me to do about my confusion. You and maybe 3 others along with books are giving me the insight so important for my and the entities successfully compatible. I knew nothing of magick 5 weeks ago, literally zero, so this has been quite a shock to me to say the least. Going from promoting antireligion and atheism so adamantly to searching for which gods I want to invoke, demons, and today was the first day it was brought to my attention of using chaos magick - very carefully of course, and which made me feel a very good feeling for some reason. Definitely has been life altering.

Try calling on the Archangel Michael, not to chase or banish the spirit if you don’t want that, but implore him to communicate with it to stop throwing chaos into your life.

Why do I say this? Well I was given a mantra-style method of working with the Archangel Raphael in which you use his name as a “wrap” around a person (this stuff), and I’ve seen that do some pretty remarkable stuff for me, other people (including people who had no idea I was doing the work), even animals.

The use pf the syllable Mi-Cha-El in a standard triangle of manifestation, I’m told, is a similar thing to project the will of the operator along with his or her explicit requests (such as, “Do my will but harm none” or whatever) on the entity.

And while I don’t have a belief that demons are automatically naughty and need to be kept in line, I think they’re very alien to us in some ways, therefore they don’t share, or in some cases even understand or respect, our values, and most importantly I’ve had the first-hand experience of an angel telling a demon something, which the demon was simply not understanding when I communicated about it.

He understood the words just fine (I think) but not the concepts behind them, until an angel stepped in.

So that’s my proposal if you feel like summoning this entity is making your life a little crazy, and if you do it with respect on all sides, but also the firm intent to get your needs heard, I believe it will help.

I don’t hold the belief that angels and demons are at war or even on different sides, based on what I’ve seen (though obviously they sometimes come into conflict - but then so might you and me, bidding for the same thing online, and it doesn’t mean that grudge is eternal) but again this is based on experience and please don’t take it as definitive.

I think what you need here before you do anything is some other people weighing in, I obviously don’t know everything and I have my own weird ways of working that come from being a lonely kid who figured the spirits must exist, so why not talk to them…

Anyway, to try and sum up (haven’t had any coffee yet, more rambly than usual! >_< ) I think calling on an angel to mediate and ask the entity to stay within the boundaries you set is an alternative to either continuing to put up with it, or outright cast it out, of you reallyu don’t want that.

Getting back to your buddy, if it’s an option try looking for some training in core shamanism, that focuses heavily on healing and is a useful method to learn.

There’s a concept in it called “soul loss” and that happens if someone goes through a bad experience, even a self-inflicted one like addiction or a suicide attempt: part of their soul (or overall energy) is no longer in harmony with the rest, and in the “gap” it leaves, other entities can move in - again, sometimes this is to try and help, sometimes trying to set up a symbiotic relationship, other times totally harmful.

You can expel any energies or spirits, often in a respectful way that sends them to a plane of existence where they’ll be happier, and do what’s called “soul-retrieval” and this, again from first-hand experience, is very powerful and healing.

This isn’t really stuff that can be taught on line but most trainings will pair you up with another student and you’ll do journeys for each other, which explains it all far better than words.

Sorry this is so long!