Exit from simulation

I’ve just begun to wake up to myself I’m caught between dream and reality but what the woman said is go back to sleep.

I was too focused on simulation theory and started thinking if even gods could be part of this simulation.I pushed my brain too hard to see my heart and eyes, and there was no reaction at night, while I fell asleep at night, I said the things I was thinking inside.

And I wasn’t even sure that I was in a dream.I was just in a room.When I saw myself, there were clefts in various parts of my body and these clefts came out of green and the codes were passed.I haven’t watched the matrix in my life, but I saw that it matched with this situation, and then a middle-aged blond woman with a white suit came next to me.His face was always smiling I don’t know the questions I asked him but I remember the answers The first one said.

You are people living in the reality that we created, not an experiment.We created gods to put you in order and created a different realm in which your soul will live after you die.No man can come out of this reality and come to our reality after death.

No, I am not God, it was created by us to keep you in order.

You are one of the few people who come here.

His words caught my attention, but I don’t remember exactly raziel paimon.

I remember using the names raziel and paimon in one sentence

And someone said he had to come and go and she said it’s time to leave, When I first got up from my bed, I looked at my watch and it showed 15:30.But when I picked up the phone I could physically feel it, So this wasn’t a dream, if it was a dream I wouldn’t be able to feel objects, Now when I realized that I was really awake, I checked my watch at 13:50.

Very interesting situation now that my head is relieved, I started to remember some things and I explained here.I still don’t know if it’s my dream.