Existential Anxiety Death Anxiety

Hello and nice to meet you all, I have a problem I would appreciate sound advice.
I’ve lived with this problem my entire life. Never being able to accept religion, the afterlife, apocalypse,etc. It has ruined my mind, I see such horrible things that no one should EVER contemplate for fear of lunacy. I’ve seen my children die in front of my eyes, fall to the ground and fracture their skull, I’ve looked around at a beautiful landscape and seen a deserted wasteland of death and destruction. Climate Change seems to exacerbate this. I’m so tired of it, I live a life of constant fear, constant worry. It’s driving me insane. How can I overcome this? I asked Hecate to help me overcome this fear and she presented herself in a dream, I don’t remember it much but I clearly remember her handing me a bone, curved brown and clearly old. It looked like a rib. This is my first post and I hope it’s not too long thank you my new found friends.

I hate to beat the Big B drum over and over again, but I used to have this sort of issue. King Belial helped.

Try invoking him . Be sure to give him a blood offering.

If you don’t want to go that route, astral projection might help since it’s a specific fear of the afterlife. Leaving your body and having positive experiences in the astral could give you some relief.

These are just the first suggestions that come to mind.


First off thank you so much.

Secondly, how do I invoke Belial? I’ve heard a lot of him on this forum and I currently work with Hecate(been getting nudges from Lilith). Is there a link?

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In this link below you will find his sigil and enn:

Draw his sigil, prick your finger, put a few drops of blood on the sigil, gaze at it while chanting his enn with the intention of invoking him into yourself. Keep this up until you feel like the job has been done and ask him to help you with your anxiety issue.

It probably won’t be an easy laid back process handling this issue. It definitely was not for me. But I was going for results, not a care free stroll, which don’t seem to go together. He helped me. I hope this helps you to.

Best of luck :rose:

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I wish they had triple love buttons, thank you so very much.

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You’re welcome