Existence. reality

Alright so I was going through this all night and I think I came
up with the truth.

From the book of Azazel:

All things are formed from one primordial nothingness, not at some point in the distant past, but in each moment. Every moment that you consider me, I come into being. Every moment that you consider yourself, you are brought into existence. Stop con sidering yourself, and you will cease to be. I have appeared to men as they have considered me. I taught them that which they were on the brink of learning them selves. I concatenated their realizations. I would say that I have always existed as this promethean Pandorian figure, be cause all time for me is present. However, I have not existed at all until this moment. But neither have you. Where does this leave the idea of your objective reality? Reality is far from objective. Can you name a single thing that exists independent of your observation? Such a thing does not exist. When you and I meet, you and I come into existence. Until that point, there is no you, there is no I. You exist only in your relation to that which surrounds you. Your very physical form is held together, as mine is in this smoke, by the pressure inside of your skin meeting the pressure outside of your skin, and both forces holding you in one piece. This is a type and a shadow of the whole of existence. Only through the application of various forces of pressure does any thing exist. You have learned to master some of these pressure systems, and can apply them to summoning something forth from nothingness to speak to you. You ask if I am real? I am as real as the world around you, which is not real at all.

so According to this everything is fake except consciousness and thoughts
which make up the reality. The pressure that keeps things together are thoughts
coming from the consciousness.

Now let’s say there was a God. A conscious, with the ability to form thought forms
to act as the pressures to keep things together.

Now I’ll take some stuff from the Bible.

“from the Darkness came the heaven and earth which God created.”

so the darkness could have been an abundance of hydrogen. Which
God used to create stuff.

Now here there’s a complete guess. God ripped parts of him self out of him
to make beings like the angels, demons, and pretty much all conscious beings.
So we are all aspects of God. That’s why names like Raphael, means, " God’s heal"

so raphael is part of God. And so is Azaz-“EL”

point being. We are all part of God. Here’s a good analogy.

We are all kids, some older than others and shit.
We are all posses play dough. ( darkness or atoms)

god, built a house of play dough himself for the kids ( the Universe)

some of the kids made groups, like the angels, the demons, the Greek gods
, the aztec Gods and so on.

Some of the kids manipulate the others to do things.
and some ask politely for help.

But God’s off doing his own thing some were else, but
can be called back home for help or to settle things.

What do you guys think? There’s more to this, but I seriously
don’t know how to explain it.

Thats a pretty cool analogy.

You are on the right track Dani, you can read more about this in the Corpus Hermeticum (Spelling??? God damned Latin…) or if you want a real head trip read the Book of Absolutes found in the Book of Abrasax.

alright thanks.