Exercise from Aighash

Wanted to share an exercise given by Aighash when asked how to better perceive the forces being raised.

“As before overly the mandalas, open your mind and gaze into the gate. Mingle this with smoke on the gates. Ignite the black sun within and without. Then chant the name of hell.”

Earlier this week Aighash reveled an exercise that consisted of placing the enlivened gate of the text before the seal of arezura and mediating on it after preforming the ignition of the black sun and the litiany of the black sun.

What he has revealed further seems to be an expansion on that involving the method of placing censors on each seal and i assumed simply using the name of the collective Arezura as a mantra. But after meditating on this, it may be geared to perceiving the energies of each realm by using the name of the realm as a mantra to raise that realms force specifically in the temple.

Gonna experiment with this over the week.


Out of curiosity did you get a male or female incarnation when summoning?

Neither. The impressions of image i have gotten are so far from the human idea of gender in regard to form. Now as to the possible idea of masculine and feminine in regarding the receptive and project aspects of these forms i have noticed 2 images reappearing a few times.

One being a living dervish or tornado of eyes with me at the “eye” of this bizarre storm. The other being what can be best described as a large ever shifting colored BRIGHT neon eye with teeth. This second one has appeared a few times in my minds eye during kunda yoga. The former tends to come to mind in my day to day activities.