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So I’ve been a demonologist for about 6 years or so ( Started as a Christian - Lucifarian - Alchemist ) haha and over my years I’ve see puppets pulling strings weither that be from our congress to the Vatican to the music industry. My question is people say they where Satinst and had to do all these things or they where tormented by devils and that they would gain power but could never hurt a christan. Then they later become christan and say they were set free.

From my understanding, yes there are some people pulling strings doing evil things , but how can they say it’s demons when from how I see it, demons want us to be free and empowered. Your thoughts?


I believe it stems from one’s need to demonize that which threatens the validity of one’s own beliefs. The forces of our universe are given their masks by those that view them. For many this pantheon of forces is the infernal armies of the judeo-Christian-islamic adversarial mythologies.
This includes your whole demonic kings and Goetia etc. Of the old books. But when examined one finds that all these demons in these texts were once ancient god’s and goddesses from various middle eastern and Mediterranean cultures.
These are the forces of the universe that have had an evolution within our consciousness. Our natural instinct is to recognize the universe around us and recognize it’s parts and name them. Each culture has recognized the forces and given them their own names and mythology. (Stories designed to transmit large amounts of information in symbolic form in a way that can be easily imprinted in the consciousness of the listener.)
The demonic forces are simply a construction of our collective consciousness that represents the forces of the universe. We in our adversarial phase in the adolescence of our evolution have constructed a dark and adversarial version of the original forces. We have done this in part from our desire to rebel against the totalitarian monopoly on spiritual evolution that is today’s modern abrahamic faiths. The desert troll, of course. For the practitioner of the adversarial paths it’s about a role reversal where the rebellion is the side of freedom and the empire is of the totalitarian.
One man’s god is another man’s devil. For satanists, both atheistic and theistic, as well as luciferians and Gnostics it’s about rebellion against what we were brought into IE the abrahamic faiths because of their perspective on the universe being contradictory when one realizes that altruism is suicide. It’s this same flavor of thinking that gives rise to the victim mentality that causes one to be dependant on a Savior or outside force to deliver them from evil.
Thing is, you can pray to god to save you but that won’t stop the jihad from cutting your head off, because remember they are worshipping him too (They call him Allah)and it has been written that he approves of your beheading. So you should be happy to be a sacrifice to your god but what kind of god would ask that of you? Not any one I would blindly worship simply because mommy and daddy said so. This is why many find Satanism compelling. Cheers! If that answered anything for you. It was more of a rant on my part but enjoy it none the less.


Not a ramble to me! I love it. Yes that’s about the thing I was believing. I’d say I’m more middle path that Left hand but I can’t ever go back being right hand path due to its like “hope for the best” and take no action AND I hate control. It disgust me.

You know about the Illuminati ? The allegedly work with demons to gain power , but what about those people in the Vatican? It’s like all power fighting for power

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Most of all the satanist, or ex satanist stuff is paid for propaganda or disinfo, it keeps the sheep in line.
It is the consensus enemy, they equate satan with evil,
Because everyone knows evil is evil right?
How could anyone not be against evil?

Its kind of like the psychological equivalent of a statement that cannot be dis-agreed with.

Like in that movie “Labyrinth” with davie bowie, where the girl is walking through a tunnel or cave, and these rocks are saying to her “Do not continue” or “If you continue you will meet certain doom” etc (not the exact words of the movie but you get the gist") she keeps going and gets to the end of it and realizes they were lying and were just trying to scare her.

Well that shit is the same, any occultist or satanist who works with spirits(not even demons) just spirits, will know that the spirits will teach you what you want and help you.
You then become super thankfull, admire and develop a relationship with them based on friendship for the most part, and to just stop working with any spirits and just start praying to jesus/yahweh, (who will do nothing for you and just drain you),
Is so far outside of rationality I cant even describe.

Its like going back to the matrix, after you are out.
Even if you go back, you know it is all just an illusion anyways but you are free to pretend its not.

All it comes down to is this.

Lets say this is true:
Conscious mind - Operating at 10%
Subconscious - 90%

Occultism will expand the consciousness, to include or integrate the sub conscious into the conscious mind

To increase consciousness percentage up from 10% to as high as you can handle(as it is unlimited, the numbers are to just to ground the metaphor :D)

Twats like those “Ex satanists” who btw are always selling something…if they really were satanists and went ex satanist and back to jesus etc , would effectively be going back down into will full ignorance, which I do not think actually happens, because nobody wants to devolve knowingly.

Thus its a money making machine, which doubles up as keeping people entrenched in the bullshit of religion by feeding into their fears, rather then actually develop themselves as an entity.

I mean honestly, if the money debt salvery wasnt bad enough, they do it with the bullshit concept of sin,
PAY FOR YOU OWN FUCKING SINS!, stop borrowing from some scapegoat, and just grow up,
Sucking on the tit of the desert god is blissfull ignorance, until you realise it was poison milk.


Wow you said it wonderfully. And that’s the way I see it, they want to make you fear going against there current. And the relationship you make with a spirit and respect I also agree. Sallos has taught me a lot and the girls that have helped me grow (but not the not how I wanted, but how I needed).



I’m RHP/Christian. Or was. I don’t know anymore. I question to much and one of the things I question is the dogma’s people make. Even in my believe system the so called Vatican priest cannot have a wife. Well if I read the bible, a priest can have 1 wife. So where does the celibate come from then? Yes from people. For years now I don’t believe the fallen angels or Daemons are only evil. I think I’ve connected long before my first path with Lucifer and now I’m back.
I read forums like this on endtime prophecy and evangelic Christian background and I don’t feel at home. I’m here now and I feel really connected and respected by all the people. Even the people who only attracted to dark entities. And beside that i’m still connected to light and now dark to. I love it :slight_smile:


Let’s look at youtube. The ex-Satanists who suddenly turn into Christians and begin about hell and torment. They all say the same thing, it’s like written from a script.
Look at exorcisms. Well in teaching the Vatican has the procedure right. Not everybody is possessed. But man those evangelical churches. They exorcize everybody. It’s insane .

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I’m exactly where you are ! I have angels and demon friends. I am so happy I’m here rather than living in fear and feeling at war always. Duality of understanding helps give thee divinity