A boy left me six months ago.
Three months ago, a trusted ritualist was doing a ritual for me. At first, the effects were visible. The ex-boyfriend wanted to spend time with me etc. But after a while it stopped. I took a break from contact with him. Now we’re talking again. He wanted to spend time with me again at first, but now he is letting me know that he is not interested in a relationship. I’m not sure the spell works. Lots of random situations come up for us, but that’s about it.
I wanted to do a ritual with Sallos, but on the Internet everyone advises me against saying that the Ghosts of Goetia are very dangerous. What should I do?

Ps. Sorry for my English

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Ghosts of goetia?


Em, yes? :smiley: I do not know what’s going on?
In my language, that’s what they say about the demons of Goetia

Oh I see, thank you for clearing that up for me.

However, working with any spirit can be dangerous but to do so you should work on the basics first.


I don’t know what to do next because I’m not sure this current ritual is working.
Is it possible to check it?
I have been depressed for six months. I’m afraid that I won’t win with it. I don’t know if the ritual might not work because of my emotional state?

What ritual was it? A love spell?

Magick is never 100% but all we do is put our work and devotion into what we do to make the odds work in our favor. Magick manifests but if you have fear it will not help it, doubt will not help it.

A love spell with elements of binding. With the help of Oya-Yans, Oshun and Bast.
There were also auxiliary rituals. The ritualist said it worked for him and he would come back as soon as I calmed down. When I calmed down, the ex began to speak. However, I started crying again because he showed no interest.

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So, what I should do? Waiting? The ritualist said the “magic is secured” and nothing bad will happen because he makes sure that the ritual is still “active”.

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This is your answer.
You need to calm down again. Be patient and don’t think that you’ve failed. You haven’t. Magick takes time to work.


Is it possible for him to love and miss me? But the magic hasn’t worked yet because I’m not calm? The ritualist said so. But I have the impression that everything is still wrong. Does magic work like that? : P


I believe that is true for most spirits regarding danger. Although, I do believe ritual can remove most of the danger. From divination, I have seen that the Gallery of Magick’s Angelic Magick books are completely safe (Which has also been my experience. It is mentioned by them that their rituals have protection, both in-built and from magick done otherwise), however, from divination I have also seen that their book on Goetia magick is not so safe, which is also mentioned in the work. There can be a fair share of pain with a working like that, and magick to return a lover is a terrible start for a beginner IMO, it can work but it’s just not so easy when you’re new and are yet to see much magick working (And have experience getting it to work).

But it seems like this is very strongly against your ex’s will to get back together, he is very resistant to the magick. You should do some divination to see why he does not want to get back to you, see what the case is and see if you can change yourself and be more open etc. to make him decide to get together with you again, since just doing magick is not enough if there is just plain incompatibility.

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