Ex back

I was in a passionate and intense same sex relationship for 6.5yrs. We had a bad patch and she broke up with me. 2 months later my ex contacted me to get back together and we were…until she met someone else. Despite being with this other person she has told me I was absolutely the love of her life. I know they are not a good match. There is nothing more I want in this world than to reconcile with her but need help. I have tried everything!!! I know I was the one for her.


What kind of help do you need?

Ultimately how to get her back as my partner. That involves turning her away from the girl she is currently dating and getting in touch with me.

Start by working with Asmodeus on breaking them apart


Can you send me a link to this? I am completely new to this

I haven’t worked w/ Asmodeus myself, but try searching for any information on him from this forum. Look also into sigils and meditation

This is really interesting to me. Do you mind telling me a bit about why you broke up? Did you drift apart or was there lots of fighting?

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Intranquil Spirit Rite’s always your best bet. Has its caveats, though. Good luck.

They felt I always put my family in front of them. It was long distance which was also an added strain. But I was willing to move to their country to be with them and marry them.


This looks very dangerous with consequences!!

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I’ve searched the forum but can’t see a consistent answer. Can anyone recommend how many times one should repeat an evocation? Until it is done? Or just once? Thanks!

Once. Then you leave the spirit alone to do its job.

You may repeat a spell for a certain number of days, but an evocation for a task is done only once.


Welcome to the forum. I don’t mean to be a party pooper, but love magic can get tricky…at least from what I’ve heard. Good luck. :metal:

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Of course! Nothing going right for me at the moment!


Can you explain more on this, please?

I wouldn’t suggest the Intranquil Spirit. The Intranquil Spirit tortures the person until they contact you. But once they contact you their work is done and they leave. Also your target will heavily resent you without knowing why.


If you really want your ex back, I would advise against using the intranquil spirit. Also based on what I’ve heard from people who tried it, it ended up having a greater effect on them than their targets.


I did the intranquil spirit about 3 weeks ago… And i thought that was gonna happen to me so i was kinda hesitant so i still did it and the very next day i felt like i let go of something and it was my target…i didnt think of him anymore i felt free… He did end up texting me but i just didnt care anymore


You’re right. I’ve seen a lot of cases where the caster becomes over obsessed with the target and that drained all the energy from them, becoming impossible to do whatever they want since they only had in mind to focus on the target, all day long, and in the outcome.

Intranquil spirit is a quite powerful group of tortured souls and they WILL bring torture to the target. But if you don’t know what you’re doing, they WILL bring torture to you also! And it will come like Tyson’s punch!

So if people REALLY want to work with the Intranquil spirit you should be advised that you really need to cast protection on yourself and do some cleaning on you and your house or the place that you’ll cast the spell. And you need to have the ability to TOTALLY FORGETTING the work.

So be careful.

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