Evoking your shadow

I discovered this exercise by accident, and found it quite effective. I must warn you that if you have some issues you haven’t been dealing with them you are going to get them thrown at you in the worst possible form. this is will completely fuck up your perception of yourself, so if your comfortable where you are and don’t want that to change, I suggest you wait a while. on the other hand, you probably need it more than I did.

I believe it helps if you have been doing the darkness meditation for a while as when he appeared he always seem to come from the darkness within myself.

I did this with a bathroom mirror that opened in three parts. the lighting conditions was a blue night light off to my right side and nothing else.

If you have a bathroom mirror such as mine Open the middle one partially, if not you can possibly place one mirror slightly in front of the other(this will take some positioning to get it right). The key to this is to get it where when you open one of your eyes, you will see most of your face(stopping at the the other eye, as in not quite to the other eye) but when you close that eye and open the other one you get the same result.

Due to the lighting conditions one half of my face was covered by a glowing blue light(right half) while the other half was cloaked in shadows, though I could still make out my features.

Now open both of your eyes at the same time, this will overwhelm your senses in a short time and you will feel like you are about to project(this coming from a guy who doesn’t project very well). now focus on one eye at a time. your dominate eye will naturally be the first to focus in, this is you. now shift your focus to the other eye, and the other face, this is your shadow. keep shifting back and forth and feel his/her presence growing both in and around you. feel yourself slipping and him gaining more control. feel the dissociative effects as you keep switching back and forth, unsure which one is the real you.

You may want to do your drug of choice before you do this exercise(then again if you can enter into the T/G sync like a boss this may not be necessary) particularly weed or psychedelics as the goal is to lose your grip on reality for a short period of time.

I’ve noticed since I have gained contact with my shadow, I get this weird dissociative feeling from looking in mirrors now. It almost feels like I’m looking into another reality.