Evoking with people around

I was planning to try my first ever evocation tonight with King Paimon and ask him for some shit, but I have family upstairs of where I plan to do the ritual. What would you do in my situation as I don’t want to be caught or something

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can you get away with meditating without being asked too many questions? because you can just charge the sigil, give a quick calling to the spirit and evoke to more astral manifestation. To be honest you don’t need a lot of tools for that, just a quiet spot and a sigil helps

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Yes, you may look at Paimon’s sigil while whispering to call him (repeat or vibrate the name, say his mantra “Paimon Ojas Kadamazot” 7 times or repeat the enn: Linan tasa jedan Paimon). Continue until you feel a presence, a force.
Or memorize his sigil. In any case, afterwards you’ll be able to work with him while going to bed or watching TV etc.


Yeah rn I’m trying to call him with his sigil and I don’t really feel his presence, are u supposed to get into a special state before evocation or can I just pick up his sigil and call him

I kinda just asked him if we could talk later and I’m gonna see if he’s in my dreams tonight

dream working should work as well. and yes you should be in at the very least a light trance. deeper the trance the better, but you can get results even in just like an alpha brainwave state

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