Evoking to full visual manifestation

Thinking of making an alphabet chart with “blank” and “new word” near a triangle to evoke my higher self, my protective angels, and possibly ancestors.
How can this be done to full visual manifestation, and them to see the alphabet chart, so communication can occur?
No parasites.
No imposters.
Just those three categories of spirits.


They say that the best way to learn a language is to fully immerse yourself into a community that speaks it. Certainly, one who is self-disciplined may be able to gain a good comprehension of the language from a trained teacher, and others with even greater diligence could self-teach themselves with books. But, that doesn’t change the fact that full immersion is the best and quickest way to learn a language. Whenever I meet people who speak English as a second language, I always ask them if they’re okay with me correct their syntax and grammar, and most are very appreciative of it.

Therefore, it can be assumed that it would be best for you to immerse yourself in evocation so as to fully learn communication with the Spirits.


Not sure I get at what you’re saying.

I suppose if I had to do Hebrew, I know the alphabet and a few words, but would have to translate after the fact.

I was essentially thinking of something like a Ouija board that is not that, simply am aid for the spirit to spell things out to me for answers to questions.
To evoke to full visual manifestation the primary clause.

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Spirits mostly do telepathic communication, or through influencing your thoughts.

One thing that I often do if I need to sort some thoughts out and find answers is I pray the rosary. And as my body is occupied with moving my fingers and saying the prayers my mind is free to solve my problem, and (I believe) the Blessed Virgin Mary guides my thoughts and helps me see in perspective and to see paths and directions I hadn’t thought about.

And so, I was encouraging you to simply evoke the spirits and engage with them on a more mystical level rather than a mundane physical level. But that like learning any skill it takes time and practice.


Okay … Primary question …
How to fully evoke to visual manifestation, the Higher Self/HGA?

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That’s something I can’t help you with, I don’t evoke, pesky commandments of Yahweh and all.

But, I’m sure others on here might be able to help you with that. This is a website filled with black magicians after all.


Did you ditch the crucifix and attach a inverted pentagram where the crucifix was.


Is this in reply to my comment about praying the Rosary? No. That would be a form of desecration, and I want to keep the Episcopal blessing on it. I am a Catholic after all. :smiley:


@ashtkerr … Ah, I see :slight_smile:
With the OSS, we dod a Sunday rite and a Jupiter rite every week, and it was done using the rosary as a third rite, which was invoking the Zodiac angels. Just as there are three divisions of the Hebrew alphabet letters (Mothers, Doubles, Singles), so you would use the rosary for the permutation of the four letter name of God, the Archangel, and the Zodiac Angel.

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I still have two rosaries, one of which is the standard plastic beginners rosary, and a smaller one with Hematite, Carnelian, and silver. If nothing else, the smaller second one is beautiful, no matter my faith.

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@Fuego1, OSS? I’m not familiar with that acronym, and Google isn’t being helpful.

That’s interesting that you also use the rosary in your tradition as well. I use approved Catholic mystical traditions as my “magic” one could say. Prayer, contemplation, fasting, mortification, and ecstasies.

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Probably your energies- aura- is in a harmony with those germs. You may try worry stıones and find the best one that suits to you, and make your own favorite rosary with them in the future if you like.

( By the way, I try to follow your journal, and like it and I shall thank you for it. )

As for the visual manifestation I think there is no a definite answer, even we assume for a while there is, probably not something to share or at least even sharable to a degree, not directly transferable one to another, in other words your experience will be unique to you.

However, there are some germs you may use during your meditations that would ease some steps but I guees all is related to one 's evolution within the path. If we get back to “aura thing” that is how your electrons will resonate - and their respective entanglements and so the communal energy levels will facilitate intra dimensional visions; at least that would be a scientific idea or a base for that, but that may seem absurd if you are not into quantum at all,
Anyway all in all I belive your answer will come to you within your spritiual travel and it will be unique to you and that answer I believe seeks you, too.


Thank you @ashtkerr and @ZAMRAN.

I am currently working on a comprehensive document on invoking and banishing rituals, as well as casting circles, and sacred space creation.


Entering TGS, the rapture, the crossroads use these principles and use structuring the body of a spirit in a manifestation base.


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