Evoking The Truth


** Are the Demons truly ancient Angels who chose there own way of existing, living, creating and doing, thereby trying to empower and free us?

  • Who created the Demons?
  • What are your views on the Demons?

** What do people think of and believe in regard to the Book of Enoch and the Nephilim, especially the mating with humans story?

  • Were we really meant to be Gods “slaves” as in Adam and Eve, therefore Lilith and Samtanel did what they did and created Azazel to free us?
  • What exactly does this “slavery” actually mean?
  • Who ultimately created us?

** Where does the suffering of the world come from, the disease, starvation and destruction?

  • Should we give a shit that people are suffering while were becoming Gods? I ask because I have been an EMT for a year but I had a past of chaos and know suffering better then most…


*In my past I lived in the South Bronx and Long Island and was heavy into crime and hard drugs.
Did the same in Los Angeles.
I changed tho so I’m split inside.
Somehow I always got away with ALL crime while my friends went to prison or got killed or committed suicide.

What do I have to do to get there attention again without being a criminal or addict, as in to immerse in there energy as I can feel since the whole EMT thing my energy changed and I feel like I have too much light.

[quote=“Satori Diavolo, post:1, topic:4043”]** Where does the suffering of the world come from, the disease, starvation and destruction?

  • Should we give a shit that people are suffering while were becoming Gods? I ask because I have been an EMT for a year but I had a past of chaos and know suffering better then most…[/quote]

“Should” is the territory of religion, meaning things that are required of a person by bsome external value system which they may not automatically wish to do: “can” and “do” is more relevant in my opinion for anyone on the LHP. I choose to care about some things and not others, based on my own values, there’s never any “should” involved because there’s ordinarily no conflict between what I believe to be the right action and what I deep down inside wish to do.

Do I need to rob churches and hang out in abandoned asylums doing blood rituals to get there attention again as I can feel since the whole EMT thing my energy changed and I feel like Im full of "light"

A lot of people here work well with demons, and get results, without ever having done anything like that. Those things fit more closely with the Hollywood-movie image of what happens when you involve demons in your life (or simply drugs), and don’t represent the necessary actions of someone working with demonic entities.

It seems to me that most of your experience was dictated by the substances that ruled your and dictated to your need, and far less to do with demons, since the majority of people who perform demonic evocation don’t do those things, and yet the majority of serious drug addicts have at some time stolen to support their habit, and/or been made homeless and had to find shelter wherever they could.

If becoming an EMT has given you something stable in life, why reject that? Is it possible that this is your inner demons (psychological and self-destructive urges) that want to pull you away from the new-found stability, rather than any need to perform certain acts to appease external beings?

Addiction’s an insidious thing, and if it can get you back by making you perform certain actions, it’ll probably try to find ways to make those actions seem rational and even wise. So please be careful and place stability ahead of acting rashly, and remember you weren’t free when you were addicted, ANY kind of addiction is mental slavery of the worse kind, because the slave keeps coming back for more under the illusion it’s their own choice.


I’m split inside. After a wild life full of chaos, I got into the medical field and suddenly peoples suffering became most important to me. I felt that if I wasn’t helping others that everything else was meaningless. I don’t like that feeling because weakness in my past would have gotten me killed and even today, despite moving out of the city, I still have to keep my eyes peeled. All the suffering I went through and others went through has caused me to care too much and I don’t like it, it makes me angry and feel weak.

My experiences in the streets were Demonic, hot hollywood but just pure will power in the sense, if I want I take it, if I want to do I do and whatever I desire I make happen. I didn’t do this through magick, I did it yes out of drug need but moreso because my desires meant more then anyone or anything and I would physically make them my reality. I was independent, wild and full of confidence whereas now I’m kind and put others first :confused:

I also, as I bring Demonic energy toward me feel I have to in a sense RULE my world again with an iron fist. That I have to shed all care for others and do for me, my will, my desire. I am not saying rob and do drugs again but I am saying I feel I have to manifest my will without this kind side tearing me apart inside. Also without fear that maybe there leading me to my own destruction, I want to believe there here to liberate me.

Also, do you have answers for those other questions above? They have been heavy on my mind.

I’m an extremist, sport wise, living wise so if I go fully Demonic that means I am going to go all the way, full control over my world. I can’t just ask for wisdom, I will need power over all of reality if I go this route fully.

EVA - Can you send me the PM about my aspirations working the Demonic, the powers I am seeking to master so I can share it here and see what others think. Thanks

It seems to me that you need to find out what your true values are so you’re no longer torn between “the light” and other expressions of your power.

Human beings only evolved to the level we did through being willing to care for our frail infants and elders - we’re not spiders or snakes who are born with no need for interdependency, there’s evidence of proto-humans caring for one another and protecting the sick, and through that drive we’ve risen to have the society that allows you to understand and articulate complex abstract thoughts.

Your old way of life didn’t appear to have been making you one of life’s winners, and you were only the king of your empire because no-one with any true power wants that kind of life, so be careful about mistaking the chemical highs that accompanied it, and the normal “me first” attitude of addiction, for any kind of genuine power - I used to drink heavily and it took me a long time to realise that the freedom and lift it gave me was a con trick, and every time I drank I was handing off more and more dominion in my life to a biochemical reaction.

I’ve had to re-evaluate my life, my experiences and beliefs as part of my own process of evolution and ascent.

You seem to be torn between the selfless urge that makes you want to relieve suffering, and the desire to close that out and live only for yourself: the reality, and the true power, usually lies somewhere in between, in balancing those forces, because the power to create and nurture is as important to genuine godhead as the power to destroy and wound.

Have you considered working with the demon Buer? He has a reputation for being committed to easing people’s suffering, he might be a good demon to approach to untangle this.

I'm an extremist, sport wise, living wise so if I go fully Demonic that means I am going to go all the way, full control over my world. I can't just ask for wisdom, I will need power over all of reality if I go this route fully.
So am I: there is NO contradiction between acquiring full control of your world, and having values that mean that in some situations you place the welfare of other people on a level footing with your own.

It’s about being true to yourself, not about becoming an island of one, and love is a deeply powerful force: NOT a weakness, in fact I’ve been told that love (of the raw, passionate, and non-fluffy type) is the primary thing which allows demons to operate in our reality - I typed an explanation of that finding here: The psychology of demons.

It’s just my UPG of course, but it makes a lot of things that seem contradictory fall into place.

Also, do you have any views on what Demons actually are, who created them, who created us and if they really do have our best interests?
I think they have their own best interests at heart in terms of loving certain types of things, and as for the rest, I think we're all emanations from Source and our sole purpose in life is to explore, evolve into greater power and complexity, and to become the most profound and empowered life-forms we can.

I don’t believe in most of the J/C trappings about demons, nor in any kind of eternal battle between “good” and “evil,” and the views I posted about here (scroll down to “UPG & insights to date”) are pretty much what I continue to think.

Anyway I’ll shut up now, but that’s where I’m at with this after a lot of work: demons ARE love, in the fullest expression of that emotion, and all “dark” forces exist as a necessary method of creating change, complexity and avoiding stagnation in the forms that emanate forth from the Source, and the main task of a human is to discover their true values and to live those to the utmost, regardless of how closely they do or don’t fit conventional expectations of what a black magician “should” be doing.

As always your wisdom is deeply appreciated!

You have a great balance and I respect that.

To me Demonic means…

  • My will above all
  • My desire before everyone
  • Control over self, others and reality
  • Love of money, sex, weapons, drugs, travel, magick
  • Personal Power

To me Angelic means…

  • Others first
  • Simplicity and Contentment over desire
  • Control over self
  • Dislike of money, sex, weapons, drug, travel, magick
  • Channeled Power

If I do Angelic Magick I will use it to heal others, empower others, guide others, become one with Love… basically become a “lightworker” with no relation to the Demonic.

If I do Demonic Magick I will use it to heal, empower myself, guide myself and others in the LHP, become one with Power… basically become a God with no relation to the Angelic.

If I am part one and part other I will be in contradiction, therefore eternal struggle, weakning my power and wisdom. Thats why this is so important to me to figure out the truth of history, the true aims of the Demonic so that I can unite within and go all the way to Godhood.

I do extreme sports and hobbies where I risk my life regardless, but even so I have in an angelic tone questioned the selfishness of doing so. Yet the demonic side loves it, looks at is as strength and courage, wants to do more.

I believe they represent entirely different energies, intents, consciousness, abilities etc. I feel they are entirely different and therefore cannot be half one or half other, its one all the way, the Angelic Healer or the Demonic Powerhouse.

I will read the posts now you referenced me too, thank you for sharing!

May I Chime in…?

I am Right Handed! I deny and pity my left hand!

I am Left Handed! I deny and curse my right hand!

Is my Left Hand a contradiction of my Right Hand? Must each hand struggle for exclusivity?

Would it be best for my Right Hand to sleep with one eye open (never know what Lefty might be up to!). And for how long? All of eternity?

If I chop off my Right Hand, surely my Left will become stronger! But will “I” become stronger? Is this the path to true power?

Will I become wiser? And if so… at what cost?

What if the answer was directly in front of me…?



You are caught up in a false dichotomy. There are angels who would have no problem destroying your life at someone’s behest, and there are demons who would stand tall to protect you. There was no war in “Heaven”, and demons and angels are not enemies. In fact, there is experiential evidence they may be simply different expressions of the same force. You can use demons to heal and angels to kill.

The predominance of the Judeo-Christian paradigm has lead to the belief of an us or them mentality. Anybody who believes different is labelled “satanic” and they do their damnedest to destroy them. But just because religion says it is so, doesn’t mean it is.

You do not need to choose. Why not work with both? Most people here do so. Just because you’re a black magician does not mean you cannot call upon angels to aid you. All a black magician is, is someone who is guided by their own internal values, rather than someone who follows external rules dictated by others. That’s it. You can be a black magician and work exclusively with angels, or the demonic, or both. You can be selfish. You can be selfless. The only thing is YOU and YOU alone choose and are responsible for the choice. So why limit yourself to just angels just because you want to heal, or demons because you want to follow your own desires? Both are willing to aid you in your Ascent. My advice, is to give both a chance, and if you feel more of a resonance with one than the other, then you can decide to be exclusively angelic or demonic.

Through multiple divinations and evocations, it has been beat into my head again and again that my path is Ascension through Black Magick. My Higher Self pretty much screamed at me that this is my path.

I would recommend having a divination done, as well as contacting your Higher Self to help you find the best path for you.

We’ll said. Darkest night. I couldn’t agree more

If I am reading this correctly, the fact that you now depend on others for satisfaction when before you did not makes you feel uncomfortable. There is nothing truly wrong with with having an empathy for the situation of others, you just need to find balance so that others cannot use your kindness against you.

Unfortunately, I do not think I can answer most of your questions as I’m not that advanced yet. But, I have experienced a world I do not understand fully yet and I aim to find out the truth. Like darkest knight said, experiment. I would say indulge in demonic magick, keep practicing and developing your abilities, most importantly do what You want.


Lately I have evoked Angels and Demons of all kinds without making boundaries therefore I have been pulled in two totally different directions. I can say with experience that they represent two totally different energies, desires and ways of doing things. I have been split but thats ok cause I can see what I need to do. All your advice is deeply appreciated and I took it to heart. For example, I evoked a few Demons and came up with a mega list of practical LHP skills that would make me a walking, incarnate Demonic Powerhouse, a God of my world! On the flipside the Angels nearly convinced me to burn all 100 of my books and writings and turn wholly to the service of others without evocation, just prayer. Well… fuck that! lol Just my experience tho, everyones different.

Hey what´s wrong about weapons ? Angels wear them too, don´t they ? :smiley: