Evoking the Nine Gatekeepers?

I’m really fascinated by E.A.'s work with the Gatekeepers.

I’ve wondered, has anyone attempted to evoke all nine at once in one ritual? If so, what was your experience?

What might such a ritual look like? I know the first four have traditional directions: south for Belial, east for Amaymon, north for Azazel and west for Abaddon, but not sure about any correspondences for the rest.

Ideas would be appreciated :slight_smile: This is something I’d love to do.


EA Koetting did in his Pact with Azazel video.

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i have evoked all nine of them at the same time…it was interesting to say the least. hold on a sec while i find my grimoire i used speifically for the gatekeepers. ill post when i find it


I believe Bael’s direction to be north-east, because he’s probably Saturnian (which is related to North) and according to the Lemegeton he rules in the East.

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Evocing all 9 is a goal for me but its a long way for that according to the guidance i got from Belial and Azazel.
There is tons of work to be done beforehand but as in other posts here on the forum the basic layouts that ive been given from Belial is that it will have a base in the lake of fire ritual but that more info will be given to me once i need it.
And from what ive gathered the direktions will differ a little from what was given in the lake of fire, reason is that once all 9 are ther they should each have a individual point so ive been digging and asking around for guidance and come up with a result, i can post the picture later today.


If you could that’d be awesome.

The best I’ve been able to figure out is the four cardinal directions for the first four, then the secondary directions for the second four, and perhaps the center or something for the ninth. But that one’s stumping me.

Will do, will be home in a coupe of hours, im not saying the cardinal is wrong in the gate of fire but from what ive read and experienced the direktions even for those 4 will be a little different when all 9 are used.


The pic as i promissed.

This is for a work piece that i will be using for all my pathworking with the 9 gatekeepers.
The finished product will look a little different but this sketch was the first i did draw up, the finalised design did get some more elements to it after more guidence.
All gatekeepers is assembled after the star, the top of the star is north and there is the sigil of Belial.
This design is also to be used as a circle so i will probobly make myself a cloth circle with the star and seals when i get time for it.
Here is the board im working on, it still has some work to be done but it gives a good idea.
This design is what i was guided to by Belial and Azazel, If it dont feel right to you then dont use it, If it does feel right then i hope it will help you in some way.