Evoking the evil Version of Buddha

Yeah so this was a idea my mother in law gave me a Buddha statue that’s it below.

Anyway as I’m aware the idea of good and evil exist in even the most " supposedly holy " beings.

One may evoke Jesus and evoke his darker self, that’s just an example, in the LHP it is known that the left handed practioner should reverse almost all instructions such as Ea koetting stated when he placed the solar wheel in the west

" when you perform a reversal you enter and discover the dark and forbidden aspects ".

So theoretically speaking evoking the “dark” or “evil” counterpart of Buddha is highly possible.

I’m the type of practitioner that sees magick as a science as well as an art, experimentation leads to amazing discoveries.

Before I try this experiment of summoning this being let me know your thoughts.


The mind that perceives limitation, is the limitation.




Hedonism is one of the paths of the Buddha.

I have studied Buddism (I am not a Buddist however) and while their concepts of good and evil are not at all like what we have in the West, they are totally fine with what you are doing. It’s just not normally done.

Here is a good blog post about the hedonic and darker paths of Buddism:

You could also look into the Bonpo of Tibet (The “demons” Padmasambhava defeated) or the Thai underworld and Khmer influence of Thai Buddhism.

Ultimately if it leads you to liberation, it leads you to liberation :slight_smile:


Preach gurl :slight_smile:


Seems like @Drachir 's post about Sith Philosophy fits in well here, since my experience with Buddhism has all been “let it go” and Sith philosophy is all “why the hell should I, my passion makes me who I am!”

SITH philosophy


Hell yeah :metal:


Hmmm interesting thanks.

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~:kissing:~ thank very much for mentioning my crap. (^u^)

I personally suck in meditation -i don’t wanna be passive, thats why i’m trying this ardetha/sith like way to meditate.

My opinion:
The “black buddha” would be just any magician who would have hold all the attributes we would consider “god like”. Because Siddhartha has choosen to just exist, which is not even boring, because you don’t want anything you can not be bored.

Sadly, this choice *does actually make sense,
~but… the very existent chance to get drawn out of nirvanapuram, just because of the nature of the source, you would be brought back into being.
AND: If you accept this world, accept the passion, acceot the way of your eternal dance from finished goal to another finished goal -with a lots of details in between, which are not linked to a goal whatsoever, but just for the joy of doing it. The world, wouldn’t be “only pain”.

And don’t forget: to let the world go takes years or up to multible lifes,
and its not enjoyable, its a REAL countercreative path, and it makes not much sense to do that,
if there is any, ANY chance to get kicked out of nirvana -BECAUSE IT IS THE SOURCE, and if you follow a river to its source, and think you can stay there then: you-are-wrong

After some time WILL you definitly be drawn out of it.
-This is why i do all of this:
It makes no sense, to eternally get kicked out of the TIMELESS nothingsness, just to jump over and over again into it!



_~So…_If i would stay in the world anyway, i could just as well enjoy living, having goals, love, hate, kill, eat, create and design things -et cetera.

Escapism is not possible, so don’t try anything that stupid!

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@C.Kendall I just did this a few weeks ago. I evoked Buddha and felt a really dark, sinister energy present. He had a white aura with black outline, with red eyes…sitting in the Lotus position.

He said,
“The images you see of Bodhisttavas and Buddhas are just that…Images. They are fronts for the Darker Aspects of us. We use these because some people cannot handle the notion of us being Evil. We give life, and stretch forth our Evil hand to kill.”

It can be done bro. It has been done.


Hell yeah bro :metal:


Hey, whats up? @C.Kendall what happened with the dark Buddha? Is He related to the Qliphot?

About boredom, oh yes, something to hold in mind is that it wouldn’t possible thank to a state of bliss (if one’s soul reaches “eternity”).

Honestly, I’ve never been a fan of (or had much interest in) Buddhism. Just the basic ideas get me turned off. I mean why would you want nirvana, isn’t that like, nothingness. and this idea of desire being the root of all suffering, when in fact, the lack of desire is the root of all suffering. I could go on, but I won’t, because, it probably won’t be all that helpful.

Contrary to popular belief in the West, this image is not Gautama Buddha, but a Zen Monk named Budai who was later incorporated into the Zen Buddhist Pantheon. It is possible that he achieved awakening and entered Nirvana, another theory is that he is one of the incarnations of Bodhisattva Maitreya (I use the term Bodhisattva as it means in Theravada Buddhism, which is an individual who is destined to become a Buddha), the future 29th Buddha.

Another example for why I believe that all evocations are calling on aspects of the summoners own subconscious. That even if there are real spirits and gods out there, I doubt any of us are actually contacting them.

That is a fake quote from the Buddha, he never said that

I don’t believe that hedonism and Buddhism are compatible, and I highly doubt that Gautama Buddha taught hedonism as a valid path. What worries me about that link you posted, is he didn’t quote from any of the Buddhist scriptures or Buddhist teachings, instead he used a teaching form Hinduism to support his position, and the teachings of Gautama Buddha are extremely different from Hinduism.

In the Pali Canon, the Scriptures of the Theravada Buddhists, there is a character known as Monk Sudinna the Kalandaka. His first interaction with Gautama Buddha was listening to him teach on Dharma, and Monk Sudinna said? “So far as I understand Dhamma (Pali word for Dharma) taught by the lord, it is no easy matter for one who lives in a house to live the Brahma-life, complete and undefiled and polished like a conch-shell. I desire, Lord, having cut off my hair and beard and having donned the yellow robe, to go forth from home into homelessness (Vinaya Pitaka, Suttavibhanga Defeat I:5:1).” The meaning being that everything the Buddha taught was to bring us to liberation, or Nirvana. Nirvana means extinction, and it is the extinction of the three poisons. These are, loosely translated as greed, anger, and ignorance. But the word for greed also entails believing that certain possessions or things can make me happy, even Nirvana can be the subject of this poison. Hedonism is the philosophy that by attaining pleasures and fulfilling your desires, you will attain happiness. But this is a lie, because human desires are limitless, you will always want more, you can never satisfy all of your desires, because you always desire more. Who has ever said, “I have one million dollars, I am happy and fulfilled and will now give my surplus to my friends and extended family.” No one, because once you’ve attained one million, you despire more, how about two million. In order to attain liberation, hedonism must be relinquished.

In my own life, relinquishing my desires and cultivating a heart of equanimity I have found true peace and contentment. I still desire things, like good food, enjoyable experiences with friends, or to learn more about Buddhism. But, I don’t place my happiness upon them, no matter what I’m doing, whether washing the dishes, cleaning my bathroom, or playing a video game, I have a smile on my face. I have found true peace and contentment in the teachings of Gautama Buddha.

This whole thing is a mess, but it’s based on a faulty understanding of Nirvana. Nirvana is not a place, it’s a state. The very moment that Gautama Buddha awakened he entered Nirvana. Nirvana is the end of the cycle of births in samsara. Just as the Buddha cannot be unawakend, so he cannot exit from Nirvana. Nirvana is not the source, it’s where people unplug from the source.

Nirvana is said to be a place of pure bliss (but it’s also a state of pure bliss). In one of his sermons, Gautama Buddha talked and said, "Haven’t you experienced the pain of losing a thousand mothers, losing a thousand fathers, and losing ten thousand friends. Haven’t you lost a hundred thousand children through miscarriages, stillbirths, and diseases. Why do you still wish to live in such an existence filled with tragedy and suffering.

That’s why I want Nirvana.

What do you mean by that? The Buddha taught that our desires cause us to suffer in two kinds of ways, the first is that we want to stop suffering for ourselves, and all our desires are based on things that are supposed to help in that endeavor, but all things are impermanent and so eventually, sooner or later, we will be old, get sick, and die. Nothing we collected can stop the slow march of time. The second way our desires cause us suffering is we think that if we only had a certain thing, then our life would be great. Right now life sucks, but once I get X, everything will be better and life won’t suck anymore. But this is a lie. When we realize our goal we discover that it wasn’t quite as good as we thought it would be, life still sucks and we suffer because we feel betrayed.

But Gautama Buddha tells us to develop equanimity, and then we’d experience true and lasting peace and joy. I can still desire things, but if something doesn’t happen, I’m fine with that result. I’ve recently found my mind considering both results as me being lucky either way, and being truly honest about it.


Lol, U have no idea how much this shit bothers me. Someone please scan the fat fuck and see which entity is attached to him which is making him so famous through wrong means !!!

And also evoking the subconscious part of the summoners own mind, yea. This chaos stuff has lot of flaws. There is a reason why when it takes only 5 words of information to make few grand into few hundred million dollar within a decade without any effort, No magician is able to do it, not to say many are struggling financially.

Will disagree only on this one. Bliss is also a state of mind and it’s mind with a small m, Not the one with Big M like in Hermetic principle or Vajrayana tradition. Nirvana literally means Extinguish ion of the mind

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Actually, it refers to the extinction of the three poisons: greed, anger, and ignorance. It is said that if someone in one of the Narakas (Buddhist hells) committed a single act of selfless compassion, he would immediately awaken and become enlightened.

Everything else you said is sensible enough, thank you for your reply :slight_smile:



Weren’t you just recently extolling the virtues of Slava Bogum and other Slavic deities that had made real, beneficial changes in your life after calling upon them? :thinking:


Being a function of my subconscious doesn’t mean without power. Our subconscious is where magic comes from, ritual is the practice of imprinting into our subconscious an event we wish to happen.

Everything that our demons, angels, and gods do are things we are doing by ourselves. This is why there are many people who come to our forum saying magic and evocation don’t work for them and eventually they just drop out of the forum, either they aren’t properly accessing their subconscious mind or they possess little or no latent power. I am very interested in trying to unlock this latent ability without the need for ritual. And I’ve been extremely successful and I’ve been impressing myself.


one thing I remember learning ages ago that bugs me to this day when people call him “The Buddha” implying he is Gautama Buddha

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