Evoking tarot card archetypes

Hello all,

I’m curios to know if anyone has tried to evoke the archetypes of the tarot cards for magick and assistance?

Is this even possible? For example evocking the high priestess to help strengthen ones intuition or the magician for self mastery or strength to be stronger etc…

I assume that since so much attention is given to these cards and their images that there at least some egragore created by most cards by now.


Evocation, not sure, but scrying into each sephirot and path on the Tree of Life is certainly possible.

Considering the Tarot’s Major Arcana corresponds to the paths on the tree of life, perhaps you could use the same technique that Israel Regardie took in “A Garden of Pomegranates - Scrying on the Tree of Life”

Evocation and Scrying aren’t too far from each other, and so you should definitely be able to at least Invoke the tarot archetypes if not fully evoke them.

A good approach would be to start researching correspondences between the Tarot, tree of life, and spirits to see what type of feeling, attitudes and principles guide each card.

Then follow a similar approach to that of Regardie’s and try to evoke the archetype.

The crux of the whole matter is your research.


Yes, you can evoke the Tarot archetypes.

However, astral travelling into the cards is easier. It is the same technique used for the elemental Tattwas, described in Konstantinos’ “Summoning Spirits,” as well as EA’s “Questing After Visions.”

You enlarge the card in your imagination and step through it. You will find yourself within the realm of the card and can walk around, and eventually you will meet the central figure, and can talk with them. I’ve only done it with the Fool, but it was an illuminating experience.