Evoking Satan

Hello everyone, first let me say I’ve never worked with Satan until a week ago. Using the sigil and key provided on this forum I quickly drew it out nice and perfect. Now some of you would disagree about putting your blood on a sigil with an entity that your not close to. However. I use blood for its power.
That being said I covered Satan’s sigil with my blood, gazed into it etc… I wanted to reach and actually see what and/or who Satan was. Now I’m a big fan of Japanese anime and there’s a few shows that picture Satan as human like with human features. So that’s what I pictured. Anyways Increasing my power with a magick circle drawn 3 times one tea light candle and the sigil. Getting into meditative state I started to call his name. Satan I evoke you!
Not a second later a white headed goat popped right out of the sigil fully formed. Now I was picturing the guys from the anime show. Helped my mind focus alil. I did not expect to see a white headed goat appear. Yes I know these entities or w/e title you give them change according to the operators… I was blown away we chatted a bit from what I could make out and that was the end.
Let me know what you guys think. Do you think it was Satan or somebody else.


They do like to suprise you. Don’t they. And the thing is, if you’d imagined this Satan figure like the anime version and THAT is how he presented himself, and it’s what you’d actually seen, then your post would be a bit different. Now wouldn’t it? Even if you hadn’t made a post, you’d always be wondering, was that real or was that just my imagination? And that is what your post would have been asking. And eventually your mind would rationalize it away as, oh that was cool, but it was just my imagination. And much would have been lost.

So i believe he manifested that way for a few reasons. Shock value. They do love to get a response out of you! Hehehehe! To prove to YOU that yes he did come. And last, I think it was kinda like a control thing. I get the feeling he was like, Hey. I’m going to show you who’s in charge here. I decide what I look like, not you. So he came as a goat, as cliche as that is instead of a yummy anime figure! Hehehehe!


Haha :joy: yummy… I was hoping for a sparkle eye character but yes he did shock me the fullness of his manifest was unreal. So yeah he definitely got me on the goat head. That’s Hollywood stuff to me so maybe a joke IDK.


He’s come to me as a goat. Well. He had a goat head and giant horns. But his body although pretty damn giant, was definitely not a goat! And believe me I did not expect that manifestation at all.


What manifestation were you expecting? Like a red devil guy???

Just a guy. They usually manifest to me in human form. So I was expecting to see that. But nope. And i kept acting like nothing was abnormal but i kept staring and like, when you blink your eyes and look hard again to make SUUURE you’re seeing things right!! That’s what I kept doing.


I haven’t really seen any monster type demons all the entities I’ve worked with have been humanoid


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