Evoking Prince Sitri to create or summon an Incubus

I read that in the Luciferian Goetia by Michael Ford, that “One may create succubi/incubi from the shadows of Sitri in the black mirror…”
I just want to know how that works or, in the case this is metaphorical, what it actually means.

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don’t know anything about that but I’ve read a lot here that Lilith is the go to for incubus/ succubus


Aside from the Letter of Intent to Lilith (which is another method I read about for incubi/succubi), is there an alternative method to asking Lilith for help with that sort of work without burning a letter?

But if anyone knows more about the original topic of this thread, feel free to add your thoughts and opinions.

My first thought is he meant that you’re using Sitri’s residual energy to create a succubus/incubus servitor (but juiced up so it’ll be more on par with a true familiar).


My thought is that this would actually necessitate at least some minor proficiency in energy manipulation. If done without the help of the spirit in question. Probably a good idea to ask permission from the spirit when you do it too.

Michael W Ford also mentions the creation of artificial Succubi, or Incubi in “The Book of The Witchmoon”, but in that book they’re solely created by the magician as servitors (in fact they’re in the section on “vampyric servitors”).

If you want go the route of creating, then I might refer you to vk jehannums entry on Duke Zepar, in which he states that Zepar can aid the magician in the creation of an artificial succubus or incubus.

Which is certainly interesting and might merit exploration and experimentation…

The second thing I think of that may be of use is the following, and perhaps the safest method, or rather that is to say most controlled

Method to obtain an excellent familiar
You would have to look at the free pdf, and then retailor it for the purpose you’re needing. So you would substitute Malphas with an appropriate spirit, and go from there. Just an idea…

I haven’t personally tried these methods, but think you might find them useful or inspiring.

While Lilith would be THE go-to in matters succubi or Incubi, there are the other three “angels of prostitution”. Namely, Naamah, Eisheth Zenunim, and Agrat (or Agerat), who are themselves succubus queens.

Honestly, I’d recommend talking to the spirit in question.
Just be like, “Hey dude…so I was reading something about you, and I wanna know what that was about.”

Or, whatever other spirit you wanna try this with.

Talk to them, lay everything out on the table. See what they say.

Well anyway, those are my thoughts.

May I add, that you could probably involve any “love spirit” in the creation of some kind of “love familiar” if that’s what you’re aiming for. Though this may not result in an “artificial succubus/incubus” depending on the spirit that aided you. Just a thought.

Really depends on your overarching goal in this creation.


This was extremely helpful, thank you. I may start by following your latter advice on talking to the Spirit first, but I’ll certainly keep your other advice regarding the link you sent as well as the fact that everyone says Lilith is the best entity for Incubi and Succubi. At least now I know creating an Incubus/Succubus familiar is a thing that exists.


Im counting on that to be true. I want a succubus so bad. Yea I want sex(Dual cultivation or tantric or sex magick) but I also want an ally to have my back

You don’t really create an incubus, you can create a servitor to reflect what an incubus is to you, but Sitri as an incubus himself has dominion over the Incubus in his domain within the infernal so I would say you can very well go through him to ask for the presence of one of his Incubus.

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What do I do after one of Sitri’s Incubus is in my presence? In the same passage I quoted at the beginning of the topic, it said you can bind the Incubus in Sitri’s sigil. Is it advisable to do that or should I do something else?

You don’t need to bind an entity.

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No need for letters, fire, blood. Just pure intention.

Be alone in the room where you usually sleep. Shout out loud with your voice to Lilith in a respectful manner like this: “Beautiful Goddess Lilith, please, send me a succubus/incubus that looks like this, acts like this, to be with me in a serious/open relationship (romantic or sexual), blah-blah. I thank you Goddess Lilith if you listen to my request and send me one of your daughthers/sons who matches my description. Hail Lilith!”

When you go to sleep, pay attention to soft-light touches on your legs, groin area. You should start to feel feather-like electric touches or touches similar to a wind breeze and get a boner if you are a boy. If you have a PC in your room or any other electronics like TV, you should hear cracking popping noises everytime your spirit lover comes to you because you just opened a portal for them in your room. Do that every night and tell me the results.

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