Evoking not entities but powers themselves

I have been doing fairly well when comes to my practices in terms making the impossible possible.

But I came across couple months back called superpower wikia

This website has ever power on their that you can think.

I asked myself what if I can evoke powers directly I.e omnipotence or absolute wish or supreme voice or omniscience

If this is possible then they won’t be no need for spirits in way.

Literally evoking powers themselves can bring impossible desires overnight. I.e want to universal famous done or not good at sports okay become omnipotent in sports pulling impossible skills or command over infernal empire or command over almighty and all-powerful.


Did @Micah do this


let me know if it works

Only way you will know is to try it. I would evoke such a power from Universe itself.

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According to that Italian author of magick who wrote “Every thing (thoughts and the Universe included) is a magical entity and may be evoked”, that would apply to powers too, so it’s feasible.
One of the ways to go may be to simply use a sigilization method, then gaze at the seal and call e.g. “Omniscience”…

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I don’t see why not. I agree with this.


The Magician Ariel Gatoga call them Principales and Josephine McCarthy call that Titan powers.

According to McCarthy, there should be the power a magician should call. Entities are constructs for most of them (well known angels/demon, Wiccan dieties…) Principales/Titan powers are the ultimate from with no shape.

Call them Love, Soul, Knowledge, Truth, Order, Life…

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In which Book is she talking about it?

Sounds like the archetype magick/ archetypical form? So basically it can also be used for baneful work. Not just „Love, Soul, Knowledge, Truth, Order, Life…“

The idea of baneful would match the principal of order (Saturn).

Generally you use baneful to fix something abusive.

With the idea of principal of order, you would call that to calm down the excess caused by the lack of order :slightly_smiling_face:

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