Evoking Myriad of Elemental Spirits to Control the Weather

Hey Everyone!

In this Post i will share a Technic i used many Times to Change Weather when i realled needed to do so,
First to use this Technic you must me able to Evoke Spirit, Also, If you have Worked with the Elemental King of Each Element, namely Paralda for Air, Nichsah for Water, Ghob for Earth and Djin for Fire it could be Useful.

Ok Lets say that you Need to Remove a Lots of Dark Cloud to Prevent Rain. So for this we Evoke Myriad of Air Spirit, knowns as Sylphid and command them to Use the Wind to Push the Clouds away to prevent rainning.

1-Put yourself in Theta Gamma Sync, or Altered state of Consciousness, known also as Gnostic Trance.

2-When you are in this Altered State, Focus On the Element you will be using(Air for this case) and Connect with It, Franz Bardon in his Book Initiation into Hermetics give wonderful way to Connect with each of the Element and how to use them for many Purpose.
But for thosw who haven’t read that Book, Here what you can do :

2.a- Concentrate on the sensation of the winds touching your Body, Feel its Lighntess, Concentrate on the Feeling of Lightness until you feel like you are Levitating.

  1. Now gaze in the Air Before you, Until you can clearly see Static Rain, and Now Called Upon The Myriad of Air Spirit by Saying something looking like this :

‘‘Air Spirit, Sylphid, Hear me, Answer my Call, Come by Myriad before me and Obey me’’ (You can add if you want ‘‘In the Name of Paralda, your King i Command you!’’)

Repeat this Again and Again Like a Mantra, until you can Clearly Feel The Energy of the Numerous Air Spirit Descending before you, When the Energy reach its Peak, Structure(Visualise) an Army of Little White Being, looking like Faeries, materialising before you.

When you can clearly see and Feel them, Command them to do your Will, and Get out of the Altered State of Consciousness and Forget about the Ritual, You will see that They Quickly accomplish your Will.

For instance, When i used this Technic , Dark rainy cloud was Everywhere above my House, we where doing Roof Reparation, so Rain would have Damaged the House heavily, And after having Evoked the Myriad of Air Spirit, The cloud above my House where pushed away, creating a Circle of clear sky just above my House, While the Sky was still full of Dark Cloud around my house. It Happened in less then 30 Minutes.

If you Need to Change something connected mostly to the Element of Water, you would Call Upon Ondine
For Fire, Upon Salamander,
And for Earth, Upon Gnomes.

Hope this will be Useful!


Hi,I need weather to be clear in a week from now in another state. When would you do this ritual?

I evoked the Sylphs. Potitioned them to keep the rain back while we where on vacation. Despite the focast for heavy rain, it stayed nice and dry everywhere we went. The family noticed how strange it was there was an area of blue sky that followed us everywhere we went. So I’m here giving much love and thanks to Sylphs of the air.