Evoking Multiple Demons At Once

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This post is for those who have successfully held an evocation with multiple demons all at one time (three or more). I am well aware that evoking multiple demons at once is possible, and can be done with the right amount of focus and concentration. The issue is that I have never evoked multiple demons at once, and the task I have is believed to be suitable for multiple demons. The purpose of evoking more than one for this task is not because of doubt. Think of this as a group projected divided among students. One student maybe good at drawing while the other is good at writing, but both as a collective can work together to get the project done. Can anyone share their experiences with evoking multiple demons, as well as the step they took in order to ensure that the evocation was successful. The demons that I want to task to this issue is Duke Sallos, Prince Sitri, Amon, Duke Dantalion, Beleth, King Paimon, and King Belial. Any advice with working with these demons would be greatly appreciated as well. Also feel free to let me know if one won’t work well with the other or if you need more information on how I will divide them within this task. (For those who want to know more details on the situation keep reading…)

As cliche as it sounds, there is a man that is madly in love with me. The complicated part is that we have history, and due to a certain minor disagreement he felt that it would be best to continue being friends. However, it has been four months, and neither one of us have been able to move on from one another. He is a very hard-headed man, and even though he is still in love with me he refuses to see beyond the minor disagreement. The goal is for him to stop being stubborn, and to make moves towards making a romantic commitment towards me. At the end of the day hes’ simply torturing himself to prove a point to me, and its a waste of time considering how we feel about each other. About two weeks ago, I evoked Amon (based off a thread on here, and it was my first evocation ever), and I saw the changes that it made. He began acting the way he use to before we had a blow out, and he has warmed up to me as well. He started texting me back and initiating conversation without it feeling forced or awkward. I’ve also had tarot readings on this situation as well, and every time they tell me that he is madly in love with me + that he really wants to be with me (which is obvious at this point), but he refuses to make a move + forgive a past (and very minuscule) mistake.

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Multiple evocation can be very invigorating

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I’ve heard a lot of people say that. Can you help?

Four months isn’t long enough. Try a year at least. But this isn’t about him, I reckon: it’s about you.

No that ‘mad’ at all then? Quite self controlled in fact.

What assurance can you give him that you won’t ‘blow out’ again? (You probably will.)
Seems that’s the sticking point, not so much him, as, he knows what he really doesn’t want in his life - NO dude wants a harpy screaming at him, and it sound like whatever happened, it burned him and now he’s twice shy. He knows, it can always get worse.

I think with his level of discipline, which sounds perfectly reasonable, you can call the entire 144 angel and demons to work on his with no result - it’s you that has to give him what he needs on this issue. But can you?
He wants you to, he’s texting you giving you a chance… but he doesn’t think you can.

Can anyone share their experiences with evoking multiple demons, as well as the step they took in order to ensure that the evocation was successful.

Use the search up top right. there’s tons of evocation experiences detailed on here, many with multiple entities - call each in turn with your chosen evocation method.

Did you read the evocation guides and tips in the tutorials yet?


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By the way isnt this a duplicate post?


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Do you mind telling me about your method of evocation that succeeded? Wish you the best of luck with your endeavor. I’m dealing with an extremely stubborn person myself so it would really be great if you could update us throughout your journey. :slight_smile:

Thank you for making the world a better place :smile: