Evoking Melek Ta'us Shaitan

I just did an evokaction of Melek Taus Shaitan in my bathroom with the lights off in front of the mirror only having a blue candle lit.

I said the following “Melek Taus Lucifer Shaitan come forth from the shadows i call you by fire and blood darkness and light in the name of the dragon 'ya 'zat 'e 'shaitan”

Right away i felt the air get thicker and i was surrounded by dark energy i looked in the mirror and my eyes did not look like my own. They looked 100% evil and mad.

Well that was a crazy experience dont know just thought i would share it with everyone


I don’t agree that Melek Taus, Lucifer, and Shaitan are the same entity, but congratulations on your experience.


The yezid people call Melek Taus Shaitan Satan but they see him as a good deity instead.

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That’s not true, Shaitan is a taboo word to the Yezidi. There’s no way that they would break that taboo for one of their most important religious figures.

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I think they started calling him that just to piss off muslims not to be taken literal i have seen docus where they call him melek taus azazel also.

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