Evoking Lucifer

Any tips or suggestions?

Best thing to do is connect with him and merge with his being during a invocation, I made a really effective invocation to lucifer on the forum a few days back, just type in meditation of lucifer.


The best tip I can give you is to try to discard any expectations or prejudices towards Lucifer, because more often than not, people always have a wrong impression of him. It’s not necessarily bad to have prejudices, but you will be confused once you actually summon Lucifer, and see for yourself that he isn’t what many people claim that he is.


Have respect. Have a purpose. Do not try and command. Don’t form any “protection” circle. Don’t banish.

I personally Invoke Lucifer rather than evoke.


Thanks Kendall, just what I needed for the next step :slight_smile:
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For those of you who invoke him, do you hear him better ?

@Baal Do you mean the more believe systemen dogma’s or do you mean something different here?

When you invoke you are inviting the entity/deity inside your body.

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I know that but, what else happens ? Do you hear them better ? Do they talk through you ?

A multitude of things can happen. Everyone’s experiences are unique and different.

I don’t recall myself not being able to hear a spirit well during invocation/evocation. Although, there are times when there have been spirits generally just around me and I hear their voice(s) and it isn’t fully audible. Sometimes it’s just one voice. Other times it sounds like spirits having a conversation between themselves somewhere near me.

Yes, during invocation they can speak through you. Sometimes, I also hear their voice inside my head. I’ve had times when I have visions or I black out. When I invoke the Deity is capable of taking over my whole body(I personally only invoke Gods). Sometimes it seems like I’m still there and have some control and other times I wont have any. When it completely takes me over, I usually automatically have an out of body experience. Kind of like as if I was a surveillance camera viewing myself from somewhere close above. The feeling of it is always intense and when its about to happen it feels like an acid trip about to kick in.

There is more involved as well, I’m just giving you a quick summary.

I’m not saying that this is exactly how Invocation happens for everyone. This is my experience.

I also have actually met someone who has gone crazy through invocation. He told me that he is constantly haunted by voices and black shadows.

Be cautious. I suggest anyone thinking about practicing invocation to have formed some kind of a previous relationship with the spirit they choose to invoke.

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How do you invoke them ?

There are many different methods. I’m very personal and private with my occult formulas but it really comes down to what your beliefs are.
I suggest doing some research on invocation in general. Im almost positive you should be able to find at least a few different formulas for certain invocations online from various groups. I suggest using them as a guide or example to formulate your own invocation in which you can personalize it so it fits and makes sense with your beliefs. I suggest you make the ritual completely from scratch meaning simply not copying anything. Be original and creative. Forming your own magic and making it personal always works better than using someone elses techniques. There are many ways to do something that will cause the same effect.

I do highly encourage using blood in your ritual(s)