Evoking Indian gods

Has anyone even considered evoking the gods of Hinduism? like Vishnu and so on? Never saw a thread about this.


I like ganesha and kali


So people actually evoked Hindu gods, interesting.


I’ve had the pleasure of being in the presence of Ganesha once. I heard bells around me and got a purely happy sense that I was in his presence. The bells sounded like the sounds of real bells being shaken around me. I haven’t gotten that kind of clarity in the sounds a spirit has shown me before or since. He also appeared in my vision when I closed my eyes. I do believe he was removing some of the roadblocks in my life and purifying the area around me. A very good experience, because he backed off when I got scared of his strong presence and energy. This was before I started practicing the occult and looking to these spirits for strong experiences.

I’ve also been in the presence of Kali, though she seemed less willing to show me her energy(possibly because of my previous experience with Ganesha). I spoke with her for a short while and she had a very… well, balls-to-the-wall-type energy and an overall dark feel that really overshadowed my conversation with her.

I didn’t evoke these deities though. They rarely visit me, but I’ve had the experience. I guess I can’t be much help because I wouldn’t know how to evoke them. I assume using mantras and praying to them while also keepin paraphernalia of them around. Show them respect and it’ll go miles. I know that. I assume one who has developed their clairaudience and Astral senses could experience them in a much more full way than what they showed me. Afterall, I was scared and they backed off and looked for other avenues to show themselves to me.

I think praying to them, asking for a strong experience and utilizing mantras would be the greatest means of contact to them. It may take time to develop a relationship to them and eventually get them to show themselves to you. I think it’s more a matter of when and how THEY find it appropriate to appear to you, not the other way around. Just keep your senses open to them and, hopefully, they’ll find their way in at the appropriate time.


I was using a Hanuman mantra during meditation and he showed up. Great guy.


Oh yes I like him. There is a great hanumate mantra for getting rid of black magic and any curses put on you. I find it effective.

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I’m going to try working with Ganesha to get rid of some obstacles I’m having-will give some feedback on my progress…

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I evoked Shiva and Kali so yes you can literally evoke anything even people, animals, spirits, demons, gods, angels, planetary intelligence, elements, Runes, Symbols.

As i’ve said before if you know of somethings existence you can bring it into your existence before you.


What was your experience with Kali like?

Crazy she was like loving, hateful, wrathful, motherly and lust like all at the same time.



Every Hindu God has a mantra associated with him/her. That can be used as a link to evoke them. Also, many Gods have Beej mantra. one list is given below. As each beej mantra relates to one god and one god only, it can be used as a sigil for that god for evocation. I have never tried it yet, but I know its gonna work :wink:


try to connect and build relationship with them
choose your deity

mother goddess shiva vishnu narasimha etc
for shiva you can chant

om namah shivaya or om namo bagavhate rudraya

shiva is rudra! shiva is his light side, rudra is his dark aspect as destroyer

mother goddess durga
om dum durgaye namaha
om kring kalikaye namaha
om aing hring kling chamundaye vicche namaha
thats kalika mantra! the dark mother

mother goddes is so powerfull!

vishnu you can chant
om vishnave namaha
om namo bhagavate vasudevaya (its same mantra as krisna/ krisna is vishnu incarnation)

for narasimha (lion head god/fierce aspect of vishnu)
om kshraum narasimhaya namaha

you can search his her image from google and try to love his her face connect them love them!

they are amazing


Pronounce them as they are spelled?

Check them out on YouTube. Be 100% sure that you are pronouncing them the right way.

I hear that mispronouncing them can destroy you. At least with the Kali mantras.

I wouldnt worry to much about pronunciation. This story does a good job illustrating the point.

Meditate on the mantra and let it roll out of you as yiu intone it. This is what i have been doing for years with great effect and success.

Did the same with my time working with Shiva,Ganesha and and Durga. Learned alot from them.


What was it like evoking Shiva?

Can you please help me out a little bit on the Hindu aspect of evocation?

I must say , I literally have never seen an article about someone attempting to summon these entities

All Hindu Gods can be evoked, just like gods from any other pantheon, but I find that the higher they are, the more difficult they are to reach and the more energy needs to be put into establishing a connection.

In my experience, Shiva is the highest god and most difficult to reach, I only managed it a few times, putting all my Kundalini energy into it.

Various forms of the Goddess are the easiest to reach and most likely to help you, again, in my own experience.

Mahadevi, the Great Goddess, covers all her different aspects, including as the Goddess Kundalini Shakti, which is her localised version as she activates and rises in you during an awakening.

Evoking a Hindu deity falls into the left-hand path, or what is called Vamachara in Hinduism. Although there is a tolerance for these things, it’s generally taboo to right-hand path practitioners (which is the vast majority of them). This wisdom exists, but it’s deeply shrouded in tantric texts and cloaked in metaphor. The aghori, for example, perform elaborate rites to evoke (and invoke) deities like Kali and Mahakaal.

Like someone said in a previous answer, they can be evoked with a combination of their mantras and yantras. The only thing I’d be careful about is knowing exactly which aspect of them to call forth. For example, you’d have a much different experience evoking Bhadrakali (Benevolent Kali) than if you would Smashan Kali (Kali of the Burial Grounds). Same with Shiva. If you evoke him as Mahakaal or Kala Bhairava or Rudra, you will a totally different experience than his aspect as Sadasiva.

They do show up. You’ll always know when they are here. The energies of the Hindu Gods in general are very ancient, primordial and powerful.