Evoking Iadon

I’ve been thinking about evoking the demon Iadon from KoF & was wondering if anybody here has had experience with him? The book says that although he will always give more than asked, he will take more than had, can anyone elaborate on this for me? This will be my first evocation from KoF.

Why would you evoke him if he will take back more than he gives, when there are others who won’t?

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I was looking into different entities from KoF for money, and he sounds like he is really effective and that’s why I was wondering exactly what he takes. It isn’t really a definite evocation that I’m planning but more of curiosity of other peoples experiences with him and if it’s worth it.But are there any entities that you’d recommend that are effective for larger amounts of money?

I would not evoke him. Looks to be an asshole spirit.
I had fast and nice results with clauneck.

Thanks bro, from what I’ve heard Clauneck seems pretty legit, normally I like to open an entities sigil before an evocation to get a feel for what their like. But assumin that goes good and I evoke Clauneck I’ll definitely post how it goes.

Iadon may take something you value but not necessarily money. Hell it could be your time, resources, health etc. I did a money spell a while back for a steady income that I could live comfortably on. Now I usually get a weekend off a month. I got the money but not much time to enjoy it…ain’t that a kick in the head.

So basically he’ll give people the money they wanted and a little more but because of what he takes they won’t be able to really use/enjoy it? Sounds like a dick move on his part

I never worked with him myself. I was talking of just a general spell I did and the result was that I got the money and steady work but they work the shit out of me now.

When I saw the description in KOF I just kept on going. He sounds like just another job to me. Taking something from me in exchange for pay. I can get that now.

I mean as long as he’s like most spirits I’ve come across where you can negotiate what they get in return he might not be 2 bad to work with.

I was also wondering, when you do evocations from KoF do you open the Square of the Kingdom before you move on to the entity?

After you first activate clauneck sigil’s. He will watch for you.
That happened with me at least. I never see bats around. When i need money or help with finances stuff…bats start to show up, physically, for me…as an omen. So i just call him and i get assistance. I got more than i need for extra stuff.

Yes, Demonik98, it is the protocol of KoF to open the square of the kingdom you are working with before you move onto the entity you choose from that kingdom.