Evoking Eternity

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I have read Evoking Eternity and am practicing the exercises. I still did not feel entirely comfortable to do my first evocation. I keep thinking there must be more to learn before jumping in. I have been digging around in various forums and just doing as much research as I can online. I also read the Book of Azazael- which had a profound effect on me…

Anyway, I came across the Konstantinos book Summoning the Spirits. I like the way he writes- very practical and to the point, but I am not a fan of his preachy attitude. I am about a third of the way in…

Anyway, he describes pretty intense exercises which he says MUST be done in order to develop your astral senses before proceeding to evocation. For those of you experienced in evocation, was this your experience? Have any of you had success with evocation by just learning straight from EA’s book? What about from Konstantinos book? Which would you say is better?

I am not talking about the video course here, just the book.

Thanks for your help.

EA’s book is very good. Konstantinos’ book… nah… Although the exercises there are good too, they are just too… much.

If you want to develop your astral senses there’s only one thing you should keep in mind (which is the most important): trust your senses and clear your mind, don’t let it interfere with what you could receive from outside.

[quote=“Elison, post:2, topic:1689”]EA’s book is very good. Konstantinos’ book… nah… Although the exercises there are good too, they are just too… much.

If you want to develop your astral senses there’s only one thing you should keep in mind (which is the most important): trust your senses and clear your mind, don’t let it interfere with what you could receive from outside.[/quote]

So in your opinion all the exercises are not necessary?

How did you learn? Did you just go straight into it or did you practice lots of exercises first?

I am learning to trust my senses like never before :slight_smile:

Saying there’s something you “MUST” do/master before attempting an evocation seems silly to me. As a personal trainer, I don’t have my clients read and master books on functional training before I let them pick up a weight, they’d never see the results they wanted.

Now, exercises are a big part of getting the results you want, but if you don’t get in there and start practicing with real evocations, you’ll go from having some success and some failure to no success whatsoever. Just because you don’t see the spirit doesn’t mean it didn’t show up, E.A. has said this multiple times.

As an aside, everyone always stresses clairvoyance like its the end all be all to magick. Yeah, I’d love to actively see the spirits to, but while I’m working on my scrying and trying to reach rapture, I’m opening sigils and actively speaking with spirits and learning what I can do better. OP, just because one psychic sense is weaker doesn’t mean they all are. Have you tried working on your clairaudience? Try speaking with a spirit to see what you can do to better practice, they are more than willing to give you practical advice. And who would you trust more? Konstantinos? Or the source?

That describes my book collection about a year and a half ago! lol…just do it man. there’s really no need for the stuff in Summoning Spirits. EA’s method in EE is sufficient to produce actual manifestations of spirts. Go to his pathworking section and start with Deggal…oh I did find the LBRP and LBH from Konstintos work helpful but that’s about it.

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Good points well made and really good analogy re training.

I have “dabbled” with spells for around 10 years, but I never put things into context in the way that EA has with BALG. I had no real need to, I just did spells as and when I felt compelled to and got on with my life. But I have always been drawn to the occult… I have always felt entities around me, had strange visions in certain places- (especially where trauma had taken place) and had crazy prophetic dreams. I feel like I am starting to fit the pieces of the puzzle together with the stuff I am learning in forums in EA’s and other books.

As for claireaudience, I have never even thought about it. I suppose when I ask my magic mentor (new avatar power by Geoff Gray-Cobb), I get the answer in my head, but it is not really a sound, I just kind of sense it, feel it. Hear it in my head if that makes sense.

My problem is that I tend to over think things and feel like I must have all of the information before I can feel confident about starting something I do not know much about. I can easily go into a trance state (having practiced meditation for years), but reading Konstantinos made me feel like I am no way near ready to attempt an evocation. Like I have weeks and weeks of work to do before I should even think about it!

I think I will go back to Evoking Eternity and just give it a shot. As for Konstantinos or the source, the source! Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks for your input!

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Thanks much Zecharyah! I will, you guys have convinced me!

I respectfully disagree with everyone here. All of Konstantinos’s work is about developing true scrying vision. I know another recent author of Gateways through stone and circle who I have been in contact with that has confirmed this kind of training and the wonders it can produce if the WORK is put in. Personally I want clear vision and hearing and I find his exercises do what EA says which is to trust yourself and have a clear mind as well. Other authors like of ABRASAX say the same thing. I have had no success in evoking out of thin air as of yet but I am determined to actually try the methods Konstantinos outlines . It is similar to EAs for the reason I stated, just more emphasis on psychic senses like in all of his works. And I hear it follows a Golden dawn style which is about producing a clear manifestation above all else. Konstantinos and EA are my favorite occult authors hands down!

Yeah, absolutely developing the senses for full awareness of what’s going on is ideal, and I won’t be satisfied until I’m there, but I think the practical question is: are you going to just put off doing the work and getting experience/results just because you may not yet be aware of every little thing that’s happening? For me at least, the answer is Hell No, and while my clairvoyance may still be shit, I attribute working through rituals with entities anyway to be helping speed my progress along way faster than if I were just reading.

Oh definitely man- i’m doing the same. But I have not had much success with rituals as of yet. the results just don’t show up. except for maybe a few times, one time was incredible.

It’s such a basic thing and I don’t want to be presumptious in mentioning it, but really - meditation, actual deep and full meditation, has been so central to really getting in the right focussed but detached states for me since I finally got it to ‘click’. And that, and my third eye beginning to really activate, didn’t get underway until I learned to no shit wholly relax. Exercises are excellent tools and can really speed up the process, but ultimately you have everything you need to pull this stuff off, just by virtue of being an intelligent human god who wills these things to happen. Best of luck man.

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There’s something in Works Of Darkness, my Easter pressie from my trulove, that’s about the issue that yes it’d be ideal to have full-on astral senses developed ahead of trying anything, but black magicians by nature are impatient and are going to just jump in.

Just adding that fwiw, I was trying to evoke gods into little modelling-clay statues as a kid and eventually they started to have a real presence, then finally I started hearing them (and being told stuff I couldn’t have known, and predictions that came true - mentiong that to rule out the ever present “rampant psychosis” question! lol).

So, y’know, if a sad little girl in a council flat can do it, just barge on through and you’re going to get the results in the end.

The saying “The gods love a trier” is true, and not just gods either!

Even at (to some extent) the oppostie end of the scale from demonic evocation for power and glory, the Himalayan Academy guys I quoted from a few times who are hardcore RHP Merge With Shive yogic tutors, and who shun the occult as a distraction, say that lack of confidence is the biggest single issue with western-educated students, and lack of (I know this is a loaded word) entitlement, that you deserve to do well in your spiritual quest, so their stuff is (arguably) 180-degrees opposite from black magick in its intentions, but even they say “Just do it”!

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