Evoking eternity by E.A

Anyone order any books off here? I just ordered my first was wondering how long it took to get yours tes I’m impatient can’t wait to get it lol

It depends on when they send it, and if the mail service is backlogged. Sometimes, they may not mail things out immediately. When I ordered the Belial Compendium, for example, I think it was a week before I received the “your order has been shipped” email, and then another two before I got the book. However, when I bought the Black Book of Azathoth, I got it pretty quickly, within a week, so there are a lot of variables involved. And some countries take longer than others.

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Thanks just impatient to get it

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Balg is not Amazon. You can forget getting it in two days. Two weeks is how long it took for me


laughs in Amazon prime