Evoking Eternity and the Angelic Path

Looking to envoke angels, but not interested in being tied to just a Judeao-Christian path? Definitely, Definitely pick up E.A.‘s book called Evoking Eternity and get the pathworking with angels. They. Are. Potent. I have to admit, I have evoked other entities with more effort and received less results than this group. Some of them have shown up before I even did a full blown evocation. Just sayin’!


Absolutely. Use what works and what you connect with. It is a great way to discover yourself.

Right on.


Any entities in particular you had good rapport with?

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I have only evoked Deggal and then Sakatos. BOtH went way beyond what I expected. I’m truly grateful and pretty amazed. It was like have two close friends with very different personalities, but both of them have your back. :slight_smile:

Let me clarify, without me even asking, they showed where they were in my past to support me. In the case of Deggal, he showed me a vision of myself from years back(long before I got into magic) from off of a photo that I have since lost. It took me a few days to realize where that picture of me came from. The lesson? He had the picture because He Was With Me.

I remember what E.A. said (quoting azazel from the Book Of Azazel) about evoking demons and I guess it applies to all spirits? Once you evoke a demon to manifestation, they will in that moment, have always have been with you guiding you all along.

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Pls what are the steps then to envoke anyone