Evoking El and Yahweh

Anyone done it? I’m curious as to how they showed up to you


I tried with El, no success. Just very strong energy.


Those are names of God that I use during demonic evocation. When it’s time in the ritual to really call on a demon I will call it by saying "In the names of El, Elohim, Adonai, Eh Ye Asher Eh Yeh, El Shadai, Ellyon, and Yahwh Shammah ( which means “God who is present” ), followed by that particular demon’s ruling angel and angelic emissaries ( "and by the power of *name of ruling Shemhamphorai angel, and angelic emissaries * ), I call on thee name of demon, name of demon, know me. This should be done with authority, after you have conferred power and authority upon yourself

superman alias Kal-El of the house of El is related to elohim?